Freshman Hockey team, circa 1957. From the Boston University Photo File.

The Boston University Archives contain many types of historical and contemporary institutional records, in manuscript, print, video, and audio formats. The earliest records are from two institutions of learning that merged with Boston University; the Methodist General Biblical Institute (1847-1973), and the New England Female Medical College (1848-1873). The University's own records begin with course catalogues and the president's first annual report, for 1873-74.

Major sources that help to document the history of the University are yearbooks, catalogues, student and faculty publications, financial records, files of various organizations, scrapbooks, photographs, newspapers and journals, video and audiotapes. "The Beacon" (1876-1951), a monthly journal published by the students of the College of Liberal Arts (now the College of Arts and Sciences), was the first student publication at Boston University. The "Daily Free Press," the student newspaper is held (1970-present), as is its predecessor, "Boston University News," from its first year of publication in 1911. The faculty book collection contains 6,108 volumes. A Vertical File is maintained for ephemeral material from the 1880s to the present.

The Presidential papers inlcude those of William Fairfield Warren (term of office, 1873-1903); Daniel L. Marsh (1926-1951); Harold C. Case (1951-1968). Other administrative and faculty records include those of William Marshall Warren, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts from 1904 to 1937, and the correspondence of his successor, Ralph W. Taylor, which continues until 1956.

Some of the faculty and staff represented are Melville M. Bigelow (1846-1921), one of the first School of Law faculty members and later dean of the School of Law; Dallas Lore Sharp (1870-1929), lecturer and naturalist; Dudley Sargent (1881-1924); Edgar S. Brightman (1884-1953); Leland C. Wyman (1897-1988); Dr. and Mrs. Shields Warren and family.