Geddes, James, Jr. (1858-1948)

The James Geddes collection contains manuscripts, printed materials, correspondence, and other materials.


Manuscripts include a notebook titled “Roman Pronunciation”; one notebook pertaining to notes in French as well as financial records from 1916 to 1919; “James Geddes Diary” Volumes I and II (1932-1936); and miscellaneous handwritten notes consisting of mainly class and book notes, Simplified Spelling Board items, and notes pertaining to French Pronunciation by James Geddes, Jr., among other items.


Printed materials include items pertaining to French, English, German, and other languages, as well as other works, by Geddes and by others. Items pertaining to French encompass those pertaining to the language, including “Exercises on French Sounds” (1911) by Philip H. Churchman; “La Science Française: La Linguistique” (1915) by A. Meillet; “Les Études sur la Langue Française” (1915) by Alfred Jeanroy; and “French Idiomatic Constructions and French Subjective” (1928) by Charles Altschuler, among other items. Related items include those pertaining to the French culture, as well as French Canadian and French American history, such as “Impressions de Roumaine” (n.d.) by Georges Blondel; “Americans in French Universities” (1907) by Robert Depouey; Le Travailleur (1934); and “The Chronicles of Canada: A Continuous History from the Norse Voyages to the Railway Builders” (1916) by George M. Wrong and H.H. Langdon, among other items.


Printed materials pertaining to English include “Bell’s Prize System of Stenography: The Short-Hand Master-Book” by Alexander Melville Bell; “A Practical Phonetic Transcription of American English” (n.d.); Handbook of World-English (1888) by Alexander Melville Bell; and “A Chart of English Speech Sounds with Key Words and Notes” (1909) by Daniel Jones, among other items.


Printed materials pertaining to German include “Advance Sheets from Hempl’s German Orthography and Phonology”; “Heber das Studium der Propenzasosdjen Spradje und Litteratur” (1874) by Dr. N. Mafin; “Bibliographia phonetica 1908, 9 und 10” (1908) by Dr. G. Panoncelli-Calzia; and “First German Lessons in Phonetic Spelling” (1916) by E. Prokosch, among other items.


Printed materials pertaining to other languages include “University Work in the Romance Languages” (1891) by A. Marshall Elliot; “Library of Modern Italian Literature” (1905); “Introductory Lessons in Old Icelandic” (1911) by Asa Clinton Crowell; and “Phonetic Translation of Indian Languages: Report of Committee of American Anthropological Association” (1916), among other items.


Other printed materials include a programs, book reviews, catalogues, and booklets pertaining to politics and education.


Correspondence includes items from James Geddes, Jr. to Herbert B. Myron, Jr., dated 1934 to 1943; items pertaining to the Simplified Spelling Board from 1910 to 1934; and general correspondence from the late 1800s to the early 1940s largely pertaining to languages and education.


Other materials include a bookplate from the estate of James Geddes, Jr. and undated audio reels.