Warren, William Fairfield (1833-1929)

The William Fairfield Warren collection contains correspondence, printed material, manuscripts, diaries and journals, legal material, photographs, memorabilia, professional material, and financial material.

Correspondence includes professional letters to Warren from 1862 to 1929, and a series of family letters from 1860 to 1934.

Printed material includes various newspaper clippings from 1900 to 1958, editions of Bostonia from 1903 to 1922, undated poems and prayers by Warren, and various articles about cosmology and religion from 1869 to 1901. Also included are booklets from 1869 to 1919, programs for a Memorial Convocation from 1930, a booklet regarding “The Warren Professorship at Frankfort, Germany” from 1920, as well as a 1903 music score for “The Song of the Illiad,” among other items.

Manuscripts in the collection include undated essays about world religion, assorted sermons, and an undated article, “A Documentary History of the Earliest Experiment in University Reciprocity on an International Scale.”

Diaries and journals include a group of diaries from Harriet C.M. Warren from 1860 to 1889, as well as William’s collections from 1854 to 1926. Also included is the lawyer’s diary of Henry Morton Ayers from 1930, as well as Christine Ayars’ journal from her time at Boston University, among other items.

Legal material includes William’s passport from 1857, as well as various undated copyrights and contracts.

Photographs include official prints of William as a professor, dean and president, as well as childhood photos. Also included is an undated, black and white print of Mary Christine Warren as a young woman in Boston, among other items.

Memorabilia includes Warren’s certificate on becoming a Methodist elder, as well as a program for his college graduation. Also included is a certificate recognizing Warren as Deacon from 1859, among other items.

Professional material includes the “Fifteenth Annual Report of the President” from 1890.

Financial material includes “From Treasurer’s Annual Report,” from 1888 to 1889.

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1. Warren, William Fairfield
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