Anglund, Joan Walsh (1926- )
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The Joan Walsh Anglund collection consists of manuscripts, artwork, correspondence, photographs, research material, personal memorabilia, printed material, audio, financial material, and legal material.

Anglund’s manuscripts in the collection include To Church We Go (Anglund did illustrations; Wilcox and Follett, 1948); A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You (1958; revised ed., 1983); The Brave Cowboy (1959); Look Out the Window (1959); In a Pumpkin Shell: A Mother Goose ABC (1960); Love Is a Special Way of Feeling (1960); Christmas Is a Time of Giving (1961); Cowboy and His Friend (1961); For You with Love: A Poem (Anglund did illustrations; Golden Press, 1961); Nibble, Nibble Mousekin: A Tale of Hansel and Gretel (1962); Cowboy’s Secret Life (1963); Spring Is a New Beginning (1963); Childhood Is a Time of Innocence (1964); A Pocketful of Proverbs (1964); A Book of Good Tidings from the Bible (1965); What Color Is Love? (1966); A Year Is Round (1966); A Cup of Sun (1967); A Is for Always (1968); Morning Is a Little Child (1969); A Slice of Snow (1970); Packet of Pictures (1970); The Golden Book of Poems for the Very Young (Anglund did illustrations; Golden Press, 1971); Do You Love Someone? (1971); The Cowboy’s Christmas (Atheneum, 1972); A Child’s Book of Old Nursery Rhymes (Atheneum, 1973); Goodbye, Yesterday (Atheneum, 1974); A Birthday Book (Determined Productions, 1975); A Christmas Cookie Book (Determined Prod., 1977); The Joan Walsh Anglund Storybook (Random House, 1978); Emily and Adam (Random House, 1979); Almost a Rainbow: A Book of Poems (Random House, 1980); A Gift of Love (1980); Love One Another (Determined Prod., 1981); Rainbow Love (Determined Prod., 1982); Christmas Candy Book (Determined Prod., 1983); A Christmas Book (Random House, 1983); The Circle of the Spirit (Random House, 1983); See the Year (Random House, 1984); The Joan Walsh Anglund Coloring Book (Random House, 1984); Memories of the Heart (Random House, 1984); Baby Brother (Random House, 1985); Teddy Bear Tales (Random House, 1985); Christmas Is Here (Random House, 1986); The Song of Love (Scribner’s, 1987); How Many Days Has Baby to Play? (1988); Christmas is Love (1988); A Little Book of Poems and Prayers (Simon and Schuster, 1989); Crocus in the Snow: A Book of Poems (Random House, 1990); Love Is a Baby (1992); The Way of Love (Random House, 1992); A Bedtime Book (Simon and Schuster, 1993); The Friend We Have Not Met: Poems of Consolation (Random House, 1993); Peace is a Circle of Love (1993); Wings of Hope: A Book of Poems (Random House, 1994); Angels: A Book of Poems (Random House, 1995); Joan Walsh Anglund’s Mother Goose Pop-Up Book (Little Simon, 1995); Poems of Childhood (1996); Little Angel’s Alphabet of Love (Little Simon, 1997); A Child’s Year (Golden Books, 1997); Little Angel’s Book of Christmas (Little Simon, 1997); Love Always Remembers: A Book of Poems (Random House, 1997); Love Is Forever (1998); A Patchwork of Love (Andrews McMeel, 1998); The Jewels of the Spirit (Andrews McMeel, 1998); Prayer is a Gentle Way of Being with God (Shaw, 1999); My Busy Day (Little Simon, 1999); Be My Friend (Little Simon, 2000); and Between Friends (Andrews McMeel, 2000).

Several of Anglund’s manuscripts in the collection are unfinished, unpublished, or their status is unclear. These include About Praying, All About Christmas, All About Me, All About My Family, An Apple is Red, Avon, Baby Bunny, Baby Dear, Baby’s Book, Baby’s First Halloween, Baby’s Keepsake Book, Balloons, A Bathtime Book, Bear Story, Beyond the Rainbow, Blue Sky, Rich Earth, The Book of Joy, Book of Prayers, The Busy Alphabet, Christmas Celebration, Christmas Joys, A Christmas Wish, The Circle of the Sun, Circus Boy, Drawing is Fun, A Dream of Christmas, Everything is Sacred, First Reader / A Primer, From a Friend, God is Love, The Golden Princess, Good Day, The Good-Night Book, Halloween, Hello Teddy Bear, I am as Happy as a Rainbow, I Had a Little Nut Tree, It Is School!, The Itchy Twitchy Witch, It’s a Beautiful World, It’s Easter, The Joan Walsh Anglund Book of Poems, Light and Shadow, Love and Kindness, Love Is..., Lullabies, March, Monday’s Child, A Mother is Love, Nighttime Poems, Nighttime Prayer, One at a Time, Phrases for Ami, Prayer, Rainbows, Rainbow Wish, A Selection of Lullabies, Spring, Stop and Go, The Strange Creature, Today, A Token of Love, Tubtime for Thaddeus, Turtle, Two By Two, What Does Christmas Mean?, What Happened to Tudie Tuttle?, and A Year is a Circle .

Other manuscripts by Anglund in the collection include “Joan Walsh Anglund’s Children’s Page,” poetry, and texts for greeting cards.

The collection also contains numerous manuscripts by Anglund which are untitled and/or unidentified. These includes complete manuscripts, fragments, notes, sketches, and other miscellaneous items.

The collection also houses several manuscripts by other authors. Many are written by Gerald G. Jampolsky; these include Teach Only Love (Bantam, 1983); an untitled manuscript (1987); “The Common Denominator in Healing” (1988); Change Your Mind, Change Your Life: Concepts in Attitudinal Healing (with Diane V. Cirincone; Bantam, 1993), My Fight With God, A Course in Miracles as a Spiritual Pathway, and poetry. Other manuscripts by various authors include The Airies, by Harry Wayne McMahan (1949); You Have the Right to Remain Silent, by T. Berry and R. Anglund (1975); I Love You Blueberry Much, by Becky Finsel (1981); Memories of the Heart, by Rita Rosenkranz (1983); untitled poetry by Emily Anglund Nellen (1984); Salesmenship According to John, by John Wilbur (New Leaf Press, 1988); screenplay for a Joan Walsh Anglund video (1990); Fresh Poems, by Michael Lebeck (1997); and Love One Another, by Charles Swenson (date unknown).

Artwork in the collection primarily consists of Anglund’s illustrations for her books. Much of this artwork is printed or otherwise reproduced; most is included with the manuscripts for that book. Other artwork includes greeting card illustrations, children’s drawings, book jacket artwork, sketchbooks, and Todd Anglund’s cartoons and other drawings.

The correspondence presents a comprehensive collection of personal and professional letters from Anglund’s entire life and career, dating from ca. 1907 to the late 1990s. The letters include numerous fan letters, family correspondence, and letters to and from editors and publishers. Notable correspondents include Roya Ayman, Walter Beakel, Marian Christy, Remo Consentino, Phyllis Diller, Mrs. Jimmy Durante, Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss), Jacquie Harvey, Gil Hodges, Sheridan James, Gerald G. Jampolsky, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Margaret McElderry, Diane Muldrow, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Paul Pederzani, Patsy (Murphy) Scarry (wife of Richard Scarry), and Maurice Sendak.

Photographs in the collection are mostly images of Anglund and her family. Several portraits of Anglund are present. The collection includes prints (color and black and white) as well as negatives and polaroids; the images date from ca. 1929 to the 1990s.

Research material in the collection consists of items used by Anglund for inspiration and ideas. Most of these are newspaper and magazine clippings regarding various subjects (mostly children); several were used for greeting card texts. Other items include various books, such as Iona and Peter Opie’s Children’s Verse and A. A. Milne’s The World of Christopher Robin, miscellaneous poetry, catalogs, clippings, book excerpts, newsletters, and advertisements.

Anglund’s personal memorabilia includes several items regarding her family, including her children’s schoolwork, drawings, stories, report cards, and other papers; additional family items include notebooks, shopping lists, to-do lists, addresses, personal notes, stamp books, ticket stubs (from performances attended), cards, scrapbooks, Todd Anglund’s baseball bat and pet rock, and other miscellany.

Also included are items regarding merchandise designed by Anglund, including a tablecloth, dolls, a cowboy watch, paper doll kits, stationery sets, puzzles, linens, dishes and mugs, games, and miscellaneous items regarding Hallmark Cards. Other merchandise not directly related to Anglund is present in the collection as well, including jewelry, clothing, medallions, antique dolls, stickers, music boxes, an ornament, gift wrap, a paperweight, and figurines.

Other items include the Lincoln Academy Award (1965) and a Laureate Degree from Lincoln Academy (1979).

Printed material in the collection is sorted into material regarding Anglund and material produced by Anglund. Printed items regarding Anglud include numerous magazines, newspaper clippings, book reviews, advertisements, catalogs, posters, and promotional items. Printed items produced by Anglund include stationery, cards, pamphlets, books, articles, poems, printed artwork, paper dolls, stickers, business cards, and other miscellaneous items.

Audio recordings in the collection include cassette tapes of: personal recordings sent to Anglund (1983); “Remal Music Group: Soundtrack to 1000 Pieces of Gold”; “Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell”; “Queen of Peace”; and unidentified. Also included are three reel-to-reel tapes, dated March and April, 1965, as well as a 45 rpm record album, Kool and the Gang (1983).

Financial material in the collection includes receipts, bills, financial statements, checking account records, check stubs, invoices, and cancelled checks. Legal material in the collection consists of contracts.

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