Turner Family

The Turner Family collection consists of financial material, legal material, correspondence, photographs, and printed material.

Financial material in the collection consists of receipts, many pertaining to the deaths of William Briscoe and Henrietta Toomey, (such as for cemetery and funeral expenses). Material pertaining to William Briscoe’s death dates from 1891 to 1894. Material pertaining to Henrietta Toomey’s death dates from 1897 to 1910.

Legal material in the collection includes deeds, a certificate of the marriage of Henry C. Turner and Jennie M. Briscoe in 1884, and the 1891 will of William Briscoe.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters, cards, postcards, and social event invitations that date from 1879 to 1950. There are multiple postcards to Henry C. Turner from C.E. Atherton.

There are approximately 40 photographs in the collection, depicting members of the Turner family as well as friends and distant relatives. There are several photographs of Henry C. Turner from childhood to middle age.

Printed material in the collection includes programs and booklets. Programs include that for a piano recital of Grace Turner in 1916. Booklets include “Peddler Dolls” (1962), “More Peddler Dolls” (1964), “The Third Book of Peddler Dolls” (1967), and “Peddler Dolls: Book 4” (1973), all by Marie C. and Grace B. Turner.

Notable Figures
1. Turner, Henry C.
2. Turner, Marie Celeste.
3. Turner, Grace Briscoe.
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