Asprey, Robert (1923-2009)

The Robert Asprey collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, research material, audio material, photographs, financial material, printed material, diaries and journals, professional material, legal material, memorabilia, scrapbooks, medical records, artwork, film and video, and electronic media, among other materials.

Manuscripts by Asprey in the collection include The Panther’s Feast (1959); War in the Shadows: The Guerrilla in History (1975); Operation Prophet (1977); The German High Command at War: Hindenburg and Ludendorff Conduct World War I (1991); an untitled work on Mussolini, not realized (1991-1993); The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte, Volumes One and Two (2000-2001); The Defectors (ca. 1971-1984); Confession of the Writer (ca. 2001); Moira, novel (2002); and “Personal Memoir,” ca. 2004, among other materials. Also included in manuscripts are various completed and incomplete short stories, articles, and drafts.

Correspondence in the collection consists of both personal and professional letters. The personal correspondence consists of several hundred items, dating from 1950 through the 2000s; professional correspondence consists of numerous letters, mostly to and from publishers and agents. Also included in correspondence are files of correspondence from 1946 to 2008, family letters from the 1920s through the 1930s, and letters with Winifred Asprey, among other materials.

Included in the collection are letters from notable figures in various fields. Notable writers include Brian Aldiss, Stewart Alsop, Brian Burland, Claude Cockburn, Robert Elegant, Constantine Fitzgibbon, Robert Graves, Graham Greene, Mary Lavin, F. Van Wyck Mason, and Airey Neave. Notable historians include John Alden, Hanson Baldwin, John Buxton, Lord David Cecil, O. Edmund Clubb, Gordon A. Craig, Peter Fleming, M. R. D. Foot, Lady Antonia Fraser, Rupert Furneaux, Norman Gibbs, Robert Haynes, Michael Howard, Herman Kahn, Fitzroy Maclean, John Meyer, Peter Wachter Paret, Hilary Rubinstein, Robert Scalapino, Townsend Scudder, John Sparrow, and Philip Ziegler. Notable military and intelligence figures include Richard Clutterbuck, Allen Dulles, Ira C. Eaker, George Fielding Eliot, David H. Hackworth, S. L. A. Marshall, Hayden Peake, Matthew Ridgway, and Mike Wyly. Other notables include Albert Biderman, Orin Borsten, Henry Kissinger, Baldwin Maxwell, Tyrone Power, Frederick Praeger, and Walt Rostow.

Research material in the collection consists of notes, notebooks, correspondence, and other documents pertaining to Asprey’s writings. Included is material pertaining to The Panther’s Feast, War in the Shadows, The German High Command at War, and The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte. This series also includes subject files consisting of printed material and manuscripts on a variety of historical topics, many of which were organized by Asprey.

Audio material in the collection (all on audio cassette) consists of an interview with Alexander Solzhenitsyn conducted by Asprey, and the books-on-tape version of The Panther’s Feast, among other materials.

Photographs in the collection include several prints used as illustrations for Asprey’s writings. Also present are Asprey’s personal photographs pertaining to Asprey’s service in World War II; images pertaining to his military career as a whole; and various personal photographs of Asprey, his family, and his friends; among other materials.

Financial material consists of various reports, receipts, bills, and statements including expense records, royalty reports, and tax information, among other materials.

Printed material includes files of essays and articles on topics including the CIA and terrorism.

Diaries and journals are present in both notebook and subject-file form and include memoirs, holograph notes, and printed material. They range in date from 1949 to 2009.

Professional material includes various files containing material relating to Frederick the Great: The Magnificent Enigma (1986), photocopy rights with the Library of Congress, and Asprey’s tour in Egypt in 1984, among other topics.

Legal material consists of Asprey’s birth certificate and will and testament, various contracts, a file on Winifred Asprey including her last will and testament, and various legal correspondences from 2003 to 2008, among other materials.

Memorabilia consists of various awards, certificates, and personal items. Notable items consist of war medals, including a Purple Heart; a wooden placard from Oxford University; certificates of military appointments for Asprey issued by the president; and an honorable discharge certificate; among other materials.

Scrapbooks consist of collections of personal photographs, among other materials. 

Also included in the collection are miscellaneous medical records, artwork, film and video, and electronic media.

The collection includes numerous items pertaining to Asprey’s ancestors Larned Brown and Jonathan Brown. This material dates in the 1910s, and includes correspondence, memorabilia, financial records, legal material, and documents regarding Larned Brown’s court-martial from the U.S. Army in 1919. This material was collected by Asprey for genealogical purposes.

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