Babington, Anthony (1920-2004)

The Anthony Babington collection consists of manuscripts for several of Babington's writings.

Manuscripts by Babington in the collection include The English Bastille: A History of Newgate Goal and Prison Conditions in Britain, 1188-1902 (Macdonald and Co., 1971); The Only Liberty: A Short History of the Law in Britain; For the Sake of Example: Capital Courts-Martial, 1914-1920 (St. Martin's Press, 1983); Military Intervention in Britain: From the Gordon Riots to the Gibraltar Incident (Routledge, 1990); A World of Brick Bats: An Autobiography; The Devil to Pay; Shell Shock: A History of the Changing Attitudes to War Neurosis; The Distant Drum: The Social Progress of the British Soldier from 1066-1918 ; as well as his novel Middle Lane Temple, written under the pseudonym Nicholas Wrixon. Also included is Babington's introduction to the reprint of Percy Fitzgerald's Chronicles of Bow Street Police-Office (Patterson Smith, 1972).

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