Anthony, Joseph (1912-1993)
The Joseph Anthony collection includes manuscripts, notebooks, printed material, correspondence, photographs, artwork, journals, scrapbooks, legal material, financial material, subject files, personal memorabilia, and film reels.

Most manuscripts in the collection consist of Anthony’s scripts for stage plays and teleplays. These include (dates given where known): The Best Part of the Party ; Break the Bough ; Dolores; He’s My Savior; It’s My Life, Too; The Maid’s Tragedy (adapted from a story by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher); Mother Wings; Only Just Plowed; The Return at Night (1947); Some of the Sky (1946); The Stray; The Temptation of Eva Malloy (1953); These Three Souls; Three Sisters (1970s); and Whenever I’m Alone, alternatively titled The Clock (1950-1951). Other scripts by Anthony in the collection include items written for educational purposes; these include Part of Script on Acting and J’s Script on Directing (1980). Other manuscripts by Anthony in the collection include poetry and two speeches, one dated 1969.

Also present in the collection is a manuscript for the play Bullfight by Leslie Stevens, as well as “Relationships Between Educational Theatre and Professional Theatre,” a paper by Kenneth L. Graham (1966).

Notebooks in the collection include eight bound notebooks by Anthony, mostly regarding his teaching activities at the State University of New York (1973-1976).

Printed material in the collection includes a program for the play Finishing Touches, directed by Anthony (1973), as well as eleven promotional posters for various plays directed or staged by Anthony. Also included are numerous newspaper clippings (1968-1973) and a copy of the magazine The Advocate (1982).

Correspondence in the collection includes primarily letters to and from universities regarding teaching. Also included is a letter from the CBS television network about a questionnaire regarding communism (1952). For notable correspondence, see the section regarding subject files below.

Photographs in the collection include six black and white prints of Joe Green and one print of an unidentified woman.

Artwork in the collection includes a drawing for a costume design in pencil and watercolor, signed and dated 1926, as well as a painting for the set design of The Homecoming, directed by Anthony (date unknown).

Scrapbooks in the collection consist of eleven items with printed material (newspaper clippings, programs, publicity material, etc.) and photographs inserted. The material dates from 1932 to 1982.

Legal material in the collection consists of three copyrights regarding Anthony’s plays (1946-1947) as well as a contract regarding Anthony’s play Step on a Crack (1960).

Financial material in the collection consists of the receipts for the play Mary, Mary, directed by Anthony (1961-1965).

The subject files in the collection cover various topics and consists mostly of manuscripts, correspondence, legal material, financial material, and printed material. The subjects noted are mainly plays and/or musicals directed by Anthony (many unproduced), including The Rainmaker (1954); Bullfight (1954, 1958); The Lark (1955); Maiden Voyage (1957); Clearing in the Woods (1957); Winesburg, Ohio (includes scene designs; 1958); Taffy (1958); Viva Villa (1958); The Most Happy Fella (includes scene designs; 1958); The Best Man (1960); Step on a Crack (1960); Under the Yum-Yum Tree (ca. 1960-1961); Rhinoceros (1961); The Captains and the Kings (1961-1962); Romulus (1961-1962); Mary, Mary (1962); The Last Analysis (1963-1964); 110 in the Shade (1963-1965); Slow Dance on the Killing Ground (1964); Mrs. Dally (ca. 1965); and Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1966). Films represented include The Rainmaker (1956); Matchmaker (1957); Career (1959); and The Captive City (1962). Other files include material regarding business correspondence, contracts, investments, publicity, employment, and teaching.

Some files include notable correspondence. The files “Enid Bagnold Correspondence” and “Contracts 1948” together contain numerous letters to and from Bagnold (1963-1967). The file “Tigers – Movie” contains several letters between Anthony and Eli Wallach (1965-1966), as well as some manuscript material. The file “Genius and Goddess” includes an extensive correspondence between Anthony and Aldous Huxley (1955).

Film reels in the collection include two reels of 16mm film regarding Anthony’s appearance (as himself) on the television show DuPont Show of the Week, season 2, episode 21, “Opening Night,” originally aired June 30, 1963. Also included are five reels of 35mm film, a copy of the feature film Tomorrow (1972), directed by Anthony, written by Horton Foote (from his play, an adaptation of a William Faulkner short story) and starring Robert Duvall.
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