Arnoni, M.S. (1922-1985)
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The Menachem S. Arnoni collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, financial and legal material, printed material, and some miscellany. All material in the collection pertains to The Minority of One, the political and cultural magazine which Arnoni edited from 1959 to 1969.

The correspondence in the collection provides a comprehensive history of Arnoni’s editorship, as well as his relationship with his readers (both critics and admirers) and contributors. The collection includes several hundred letters, primarily dating from 1963 to 1968. Carbon copies of Arnoni’s replies are included with most letters.

Notables correspondents in the general correspondence include Guenther Anders, John Beecher, Cedric Belfrage, Edmund C. Berkeley, Theodore Bikel, P. D. East, Jim Garrison, John Gerassi, Cheddi Jagan (Premier of British Guiana), Sterling Hayden, Hugh Hester, Friedrich Jaeger, Albert Kaplan, Corliss Lamont, Oscar Lewis, Staughton Lynd, Conrad Lynn, Owen Lattimore, Emanuel Litvinoff, Linus Pauling, Victor Perlo, Jerry Rubin, Harrison Salisbury, Frederick Schuman, Shane Stevens, Curtis Zahn, and Ernest B. Zeisler. Several United States government officials are among the correspondents, including Vermont Senator George Aiken, Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan, South Carolina Representative William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Alaska Senator Ernest Gruening, J. Edgar Hoover, George McGovern, George Reedy (press secretary to Lyndon B. Johnson), Delaware Senator John J. Williams, and California Representative J. Arthur Younger.

Several letters pertain to The Minority of One ’s Linus Pauling Tribute in 1963; these include letters from Theodore Bikel, Norman Cousins, Lotte Lenya, Walter Gropius, Jahn Gunnar, Linus Pauling, Norman Podhoretz, Albert Schweitzer, Ben Shahn, and Norman Thomas.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is a topic of several letters. Notable correspondents in this category include Penn Jones, Jr., Mark Lane, Sylvia Meagher, Julie Medlock, Marguerite C. Oswald (mother of Lee Harvey Oswald), and Vincent Salandria.

The letters from Arnoni include his letters to Sterling Hayden, James Hoffa, Ho Chi Minh, and other notables, as well as several items of personal correspondence.

Some letters are organized under specific subjects. These include: Voluntary Service (1963-1966), American Indians (1967), Special China Issue (1967), Project Ketch (1968), and U.S. Post Office (1966-1968).

Also included in the collection are thirteen photocopied letters from Albert Einstein to Dr. Ernest B. Zeisler, dated 1936-1955.

Manuscripts in the collection primarily consist of copies (mimeograph or carbon) of pieces submitted to The Minority of One . These include: “An Outline of Topics for a Liberal Interpretation of Functional Democracy,” by C. V. Parkinson; “Latin American 1907,” by Cedric Belfrage; “Times of Confusion and Peril,” by Hugh B. Hester; an untitled piece by Alice Mary Hilton; “We - The Sons of Eichmann,” by Guenther Anders; “The Creative Use of Black Power,” author unknown; “Peace by Finesse,” by Joseph W. Still; and various items rejected from publication in the magazine.

The collection also includes mimeograph copies of verse written by inmates of the German concentration camps during World War II.

Financial and legal material in the collection includes various IRS forms, insurance information, bills, contracts, invoices, and U.S. Post Office reports. This material dates ca. 1963-1967.

Printed material in the collection includes numerous pieces of ephemera concerning The Minority of One . These include advertising pamphlets (consisting of article reprints), publicity material, advertisements, press releases, and other items.

Copies of various periodicals are included in the collection. These include The Airman (U.S. Air Force, 1966), Jewish Currents (1962), Jews in Eastern Europe (1963), Link (Indian news magazine, 1967), New Outlook (1966), Pel (Brazilian, 1967), Ramparts (1966), Showcase (1968), U.S. News and World Report (1966), and World Revolution (1968). Also included is an article by Guenther Anders regarding Emmett Till, “Approved Killing in Mississippi,” from Look magazine (1956).

Several news clippings are included in the collection. Many were used by Arnoni for research while writing editorials. Others are arranged by subject (all dating from 1963); these subject include British Guiana, Cuba, fallout shelters, Malaysia, NATO, the Sino-Soviet dispute, South Africa and Portugal, spies, and Vietnam.

Also included in the collection are seven printed essays by Ernest B. Zeisler, two publications from the Center for International Studies, a dust jacket for Arnoni’s book Rights and Wrongs in the Arab-Israeli Conflict, and other miscellaneous items.

Miscellany in the collection includes material regarding the Linus Pauling Tribute hosted by The Minority of One, including ticket orders, records of payments, receipts, program leaflets, and correspondence. Also included in the collection is personnel information regarding The Minority of One and transcripts of two episodes of the television program Face the Nation (guests: Abdul Nasser and Quaison-Sackley), 1965.

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