Bittle, Camilla (1923-1999)

The Camilla Bittle collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and photographs. 

Manuscripts in the Bittle collection includes drafts of novels, novellas, short stories, stage plays, and some non-fiction articles.  Drafts of novels include The Boy in the Pool (Lippincott, 1962); A Change of Plea (Lippincott, 1963); Nolo Contendre; A Sunday World (Coward McCann, 1966); One Man’s Family (novel revised from original radio and television scripts); The Ruby Cross; What’s to Become of Catherine Dyer?; Dear Family (St. Martin’s Press, 1991); Friends of the Family (St. Martin’s Press, 194); and Eleanor’s Problem.  Also, the collection includes over ninety short stories written between 1956 and 1986, some of which were published and several written under pseudonyms; drafts of several non-fiction short pieces; a two-act play titled A Time for Staying; some fragments from various pieces from old stories, rejected works, loose pages, and other items. 

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters with various publishers regarding her work, including many from agent Carl Brandt; letters regarding What’s to Become of Catherine Dyer?; and letters regarding Bittle’s foreign book sales, as well as her last writings.  Also, there are nearly three hundred letters addressed to writer Naomi Lane Babson (Bittle’s aunt), dated between 1922 and 1925; these letters were edited and given an introduction and explanatory note by Bittle.

There are a few photographs of Bittle in the collection.

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