Bond, Ruskin (1934- )

The Ruskin Bond collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, personal memorabilia, diaries, and photographs.

Manuscripts by Bond in the collection include and handwritten manuscripts for Bond's books, as well as notebooks which contain his holograph first drafts. We also have short pieces and introductions to his work. Titles include The Room on the Roof (1956, 1957); Angry River, illustrated by Trevor Stubley (1972); Big Business, illustrated by Valerie Littlewood (1979); The Cherry Tree, illustrated by Littlewood (galleys; Hamish Hamilton, 1980); The Young Vagrants (1981); Dust on the Mountain (1990); and Scenes from a Writer's Life (1997). Also present are twenty notebooks with various notes and drafts; galleys and illustrations for various children's books; translations of The Room on the Roof, Once Upon a Monsoon Time, and five other children's books; and drafts of short stories, essays, and articles. Also present is a dissertation by a Ms. Taqui, a student at the University of Bombay, titled "Short Stories of Ruskin Bond: A Thematic Study" (1991), and Bond’s thesis, Border Crossing: The Encyclopedic Humanistic Vision of Ruskin Bond: A Thesis Submitted to the University of Mumbai for the Ph.D. Degree in English (2010).

Correspondence in the collection includes both personal and professional letters. Personal correspondence includes letters and postcards from Bond’s parents, including the last letter he received from his father; general letters dating from 1991 to 1998; emails circa 2002; and a letter from Indira Gandhi. Professional correspondence in the collection consist of letters to and from various publishers regarding book projects, including Diana Athill of Andre Deutsch, Co.; Julie McRae Books (1983-1990); and Hamish Hamilton, regarding Angry River.

Printed material in the collection consists of clippings of and about Bond's work. These include a scrapbook of reviews of The Room on the Roof; articles about RB from various sources, including The Pioneer, India Today, Sunday Times of India, Growing Point, Eco Times, and others; clippings of early stories by Bond; works from the late 1990s published in The Hindu, Highlights for Children, and Hindu Literary Review; copies of magazines including The Elizabethan, (1964) and Saturday Statesman (1991), Pioneer (1997), Bookbird (1996, 1998), Blackwood’s (1970’s)and Books Today (2000) and several pieces (or photocopies) from Indian newspapers written in the late 1990s; reviews of Bond's work from the 1990s, in publications like India Today, The Pioneer, Eco Times, Growing Point; and reviews and award notices for Bond from the 1990s.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes items relating to the personal lives of Bond, his parents, and his grandparents. These include photographs, legal material, and other items. Material includes Bond's grandfather's Army Service Book entry; Bond's birth certificate; diaries; family photographs; photographs of Bond's school graduations in India (1946, 1950); advertisements for lectures and readings by Bond; Bond's resume and lecture schedule; and family trees and records for the Clarke family and the descendants of Hebert William Bond.

The collection also includes diaries kept by Bond from the 1950s and 1960s, as well as a small diary containing notes and poems.

Photographs in the collection include color prints of students at the Wendy School at Kenpur, and a color print of Bond and Ishrat Alinawaz Lalljee, among others.

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