Horne, Alistair (1925-2017)

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The Alistair Horne collection consists of manuscripts, professional material, correspondence, printed material, photographs, and material relating to Horne’s mother.
Manuscripts for books by Horne include The Price of Glory: Verdun (1962); The Fall of Paris: The Siege and the Commune, 1870-1871 (1965); To Lose a Battle: France, 1940 (1969); The Terrible Year: The Paris Commune, 1871 (1971); Small Earthquake in Chile: Allende’s South America, incomplete draft (1972); A Savage War of Peace: Algeria, 1954-1962 (1977); Harold Macmillan (1991); A Bundle from Britain (1994); Monty: The Lonely Leader, 1944-1945 (1994); Seven Ages of Paris (Knopf, 2002); A Touch of Verne, several chapters; La Belle France: A Short History (2005), and Kissinger: 1973 The Crucial Year (2009).
Professional material consists of subject files. Subject files primarily contain notes and printed material gathered by Horne as research material; there are also many files dealing with global politics and history. Several files pertain to Horne’s books, The Price of Glory: Verdun; Sudan; Seven Ages of Paris, and Kissinger. Also included are files containing correspondence regarding Monty, and Harold Macmillan; files for the latter includes letters from Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Other notable subjects include: The International Writer’s School Correspondence Course in Writing; St. Anthony’s Horne Fellowship; the attacks of September 11, 2001; Nikolai Tolstoy; Israel; British politics; Vietnam and Southeast Asia; war; French politics; lectures, among various others.
Correspondence is mainly professional dating from 1953 to 2008. Literary correspondence constitutes a large section of the letters. Notable correspondents include Wheeler Bennett, William F. Buckley Jr., Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Adrian Liddell Hart, Harold Macmillian, Diana Mosley, Barbara Tuchman, and Caspar Weinberger.  Personal correspondence in the collection dates from 1953 to 1994.

Printed material includes several volumes of Historia magazine, dated 1954 to 1974. Also included are page proofs for the novel Kissinger: 1973, the Crucial Year, and professional pamphlets.
Photographs in the collection include several photo albums regarding China, Palestine and Egypt, and Africa. These date from 1914 to 1927.
The collection also includes a group of papers regarding Horne’s mother, poet and writer Auriol Hay, also known as Lady Auriol Horne. There are scrapbooks, manuscripts, among other items of Auriol’s present. 

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