Boyer, Rick (1943- )

The Rick Boyer collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, research material, and other items.

Manuscripts in the collection include drafts, proofs, and outlines for Places Rated Almanac: Your Guide to Finding the Best Places to Live in America, written with David Savagau (Rand McNally, 1981); Billingsgate Shoal (Houghton, 1982); The Penny Ferry (Houghton, 1984); The Daisy Ducks (Houghton, 1986); Moscow Metal (Houghton, 1987); The Whale’s Footprints (Houghton, 1988); Yellow Bird (Fawcett, 1992); Pirate Trade (Ivy, 1995); The Man Who Whispered (Fawcett, 1998); A Sherlockian Quartet (Alexander Books, 1999); Buck Gentry (Alexander Books, 2005); and Superheart (unpublished); and One On One: A Basketball Thriller, written with Larry Bird (unfinished, unpublished).

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters dating from 1975 to 1993. These include professional, personal, and fan letters. Correspondents include Leona Nevler, Sylvia Burack, Larry Kessenich, Robie Macauley, and Kurt Vonnegut.

Research material in the collection consists of files of material compiled and arranged by Boyer, for use in the Places Rated series for Rand McNally. These mostly include statistics and data on population, crime, climate, and other subjects, as well as maps and other documents.

Other items in the collection include newsletters from Dennison University (1990); book reviews; Boyer's bank book (1979); printed material by and about Boyer; juvenilia; and a photograph of Boyer with his brother.

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