Brace, Gerald Warner (1901-1978)
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The Gerald Warner Brace collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, scrapbooks, and other material.

Manuscripts by Brace in the collection include The Islands (Putnam, 1936); The Wayward Pilgrims (Putnam, 1938); Light on a Mountain (Putnam, 1941); The Garretson Chronicle (Norton, 1947); A Summer's Tale (Norton, 1949); The Spire (Norton, 1952); Bell's Landing (Norton, 1955); The World of Carrick's Cove (Norton, 1957); Winter Solstice (Norton, 1960); The Wind's Will (Norton, 1964); the introduction to Anthony Trollope's The Last Chronicle of Barset (Norton, 1964); Between Wind and Water (Norton, 1965); The Department (Norton, 1968); The Stuff of Fiction (Norton, 1969); Days That Were (Norton, 1976); Days That Were, volume two (unpublished); and many short stories, essays, school papers, articles, and other works.

Correspondence in the collection includes several personal and professional letters, dating mostly from 1934 to 1978. Notable correspondents include Esther Forbes, Robert Frances, Granville Hicks, Daniel L. Marsh, Samuel F. Morse, Harold C. Case, Herbert Myron, Gluyas Williams, Edward Wagenknecht, Samuel E. Morison, and Edmund Ware Smith. Also present are letters written in response to Charlotte Lindgren's biography of Brace (1993-2001); letters from Brace to Lindgren (1955-1978), copies of letters from John Brace and from his mother (1810-1850); and letters from Brace to his former students.

Printed material in the collection includes the published versions of some of Brace's writings. Titles include MacLean's, Saturday Review of Literature, Wilson Library Bulletin, New Hampshire Profiles, New York Post Weekend Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, The Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine, Fiction Parade, Writer's Monthly, The Skipper, and others. Also present are several reviews of Brace's books, as well as clippings related to Brace's University Lecture at Boston University (1956).

Scrapbooks in the collection include an album of clippings (advertisements), book covers, reviews, published letters, and a card from Esther Forbes; and an album of clippings (advertisements and reviews), book covers, and published letters.

Audio in the collection includes three tapes of a conversation between Brace and Robert Frost, on Oct. 30, 1958; a cassette recording of an interview with Brace on Deer Isle, Maine; and a cassette recording of an interview with John Gilchrist on Oct. 5, 1992.

Other items in the collection include a photograph of Brace on Boylston St. in Boston; honorary degrees for Brace from Southeastern Mass. Technological Institute (1965), Amherst College (1969), and University of Maine at Orono (1972); and photographs collected for Charlotte Lindgren's biography of Brace, dating from 1901 to 1978.

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1. Brace, Gerald Warner, 1901-1978
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