Brenner, Marie (1949- )

The Marie Brenner collection includes manuscripts, printed material, professional material, research material, film and video, and audio material.

Manuscripts by Brenner in the collection include drafts, notes, fragments, speeches, and other writings regarding House of Dreams: The Bingham Family of Louisville (1988). The collection also includes several files of research material regarding House of Dreams, arranged by Brenner, including an extensive interview with Barry Bingham. Other manuscripts in the collection include drafts of Brenner's article "New Conservatives," for Vanity Fair, and a play by Sallie Bingham titled Milk of Paradise.

Printed material in the collection includes numerous issues of the magazines New York (1972-1984) and Vanity Fair (1985-1998) with articles by Brenner. Other periodicals with published pieces by Brenner in the collection include The New Yorker (1993-2001), Newsweek (2001), The New York Times Magazine (1977), Los Angeles Herald Examiner (1978), Washington Post (1978), and The American Voice (1985). Additional printed material in the collection consists of reviews of House of Dreams and page proofs of various issues of Vanity Fair.

Professional material in the collection includes press credentials for Bradley (1979, 1982); news clippings from 1980 and 2005; and a press kit (1985), among other items.

Legal material in the collection includes transcripts of court cases, which includes the United States Court of Appeals Grand Jury subpoena regarding Judith Miller, and the deposition of Jeffrey Wigand for the case of Brown and Williamson Tobacco Corporation v. Jeffrey S. Wigand (1996).

Research material in the collection consists of the material regarding House of Dreams (see above), as well as items regarding various articles written by Brenner for Vanity Fair. The series also contains files regarding anti-Semitism in France; Guantanamo Bay; Richard Jewell; and “Plamegate,” among other topics. The material includes notebooks, clippings, notes, manuscripts, transcripts of phone interviews, correspondence, and printed material.

Film and video in the collection include tapes of conferences (2003), and a tape of the documentary H-2 Worker.

Audio material in the collection consist of interviews (primarily conducted by Mary Bobo) as research for House of Dreams. These items are on cassette, and are dated 1981-1982. Also present is a recording of an appearance by Sallie Bingham on WRKA radio dated June 12, 1986.

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