Bromberg, Conrad (1931- )

The Conrad Bromberg collection includes manuscripts, photographs, artwork, audio, printed material, research material, correspondence, memorabilia, and other material.

Manuscripts by Bromberg in the collection include several stage plays and teleplays, many written by Bromberg under the pseudonym “Conrad Josephs.”  Notable plays include ActorsAt Home; Doctor GalleyDreams of a Blacklisted ActorTransfers; and Two Brothers.  Notable teleplays include The Best of Families (episode 4); Captain Johns, U.S.A. (for NBC’s Experiment in Television series); The Making of the President, 1944 (an adaptation); “Minnesota Hot and Dead” (pilot episode for an unproduced CBS series titled Harewood); and a script for the Bernie Madoff Show (2010).  Other manuscripts by Bromberg include various short scenes, monologues, screenplays, short stories, poetry, story outlines, autobiographical material, and notes, all dating from 1959 to about 1989.  Also present are a book-length manuscript by Bromberg titled The Great Medicine Ball Caravan (1977) and a book titled Labyrinth II (1979).

Photographs in the collection include several prints of Bromberg alone, with others, on set, performing, or teaching.  Also present are several prints of productions of plays by Bromberg; TV stills; and twelve photographs of Bromberg’s father, Joe Edward Bromberg, in various films and plays (1940s-1950s).

Artwork in the collection consists of a watercolor portrait of Bromberg by T.B. Burch.

The audio recording in the collection is a cassette of an album composed and performed by Carol Hall, If I Be Your Lady (Elektra EKS 74078).

Printed material in the collection includes a reprint of an article by Bromberg, published in The New York Times (1971); and several reviews, publicity items, programs, and biographical pieces regarding Bromberg (1965-1978).  There is also a poster from 1969 and a postcard from 1986.

Research material in the collection includes 20 reports, clippings, and newsletters regarding the elderly population in New York City in the 1970s, used as background for Bromberg’s play Siege.

Correspondence in the collection primarily consist of professional letters with agents, producers, and actors, with some fan mail and personal letters included; there are about 100 letters total, dating from 1970 to 1975.  Notable correspondents include Joan Ganz Cooney (of Children’s Television Workshop); Sheldon Leonard, Edward M. Meyers, Paul Monash (of CBS), Manfield Ohrenstein (a state senator from New York); Donald Pleasance; and Robert Sherrin (of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Memorabilia in the collection includes a certificate of nomination for the 1977 Writer’s Guild of America Awards.

Other items in the collection include an appointment notebook; four ID cards; 2 passports; and 2 jury duty summonses.

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