Brown, Ivor (1891-1974)
The Ivor Brown collection includes manuscripts and printed material.

Manuscripts by Brown in the collection include Dickens in His Time (Thomas Nelson, 1963); How Shakespeare Spent the Day (Bodley Head, 1963, Hill & Wang, 1964); Shakespeare and His World (Lutterworth Press, 1964); Shaw in His Time (Thomas Nelson, 1965); The Women in Shakespeare's Life (Bodley Head, 1968, Coward, 1969); William Shakespeare (International Profiles Series; Morgan-Grampian, 1968, A. S. Barnes, 1969); Somerset Maugham: A Profile (International Text Books, 1970); Shakespeare and the Actors (Bodley Head, 1970, Coward, 1971); Old and Young: A Personal Summing Up (Bodley Head, 1971); Random Words (Bodley Head, 1971); History of London (unpublished, commissioned 1971); Conan Doyle: A Biography of the Creator of Sherlock Holmes (Hamish Hamilton, 1972); A Charm of Names (Bodley Head, 1972); British Place Names (unpublished, Fall 1973); Words on the Level (Bodley Head, 1973, Transatlantic, 1974).  Also present are short pieces and lectures by Brown, on W. Somerset Maugham, Robert Louis Stevenson, English dama 1840-1928, Harley Granville Barker, John Galsworthy, and other topics.    

Printed material in the collection includes a leaflet regarding the celebration of William Shakespeare’s birth, with text by Brown and James Feron; three old theatre programs collected by Brown, dating from 1862, 1871, and 1877; and several items regarding the re-opening of the Georgian Theatre in Richmond, Yorkshire, May 5, 1963.  These latter items include manuscripts by Brown that were read at the opening by Edith Evans and Sybil Thorndike; a pamphlet regarding the Theatre, with text by Brown and Richard Southern; two programs from the opening; a reproduction of an original program from 1819; and other items.
Notable Figures
1. Brown, Ivor John Carnegie, 1891-1974
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