Brudnoy, David (1940-2004)
The David Brudnoy collection consists of journals, printed material, manuscripts, research material, correspondence, legal and financial material, personal memorabilia, professional material, film and video, audio, and photographs.

Journals in the collection consist of Brudnoy’s daily planners, dating from 1971 to 1999 (1997 is absent).

Printed material in the collection primarily consists of numerous files of clippings and similar items that Brudnoy compiled from various newspapers and periodicals.  Much of the material pertains to the greater Boston area.  Topics include restaurants, theatres and theatrical performances, films, numerous individuals and organizations, current issues, and “personality files.”  The latter consist of articles and other items about various media figures, accompanied by a publicity photograph.

Also present are the published versions of Brudnoy’s writings, including restaurant reviews for his “Dining Out” column; theatre reviews; and film reviews.  The latter include reviews by Brudnoy for various publications and radio broadcasts on WBZ-AM , dated 1970-1994.  The collection also includes printed versions of Brudnoy’s radio and TV commentaries (1997-2003); and numerous periodicals containing published articles by Brudnoy.

Manuscripts by Brudnoy in the collection include drafts of Our Heritage: A History of the United States, by Brudnoy and William E. Cheeseman (non-fiction, 1975); Caught (novel, McGraw-Hill, 1986); Life is Not a Rehearsal (memoir, Doubleday, 1997); an unpublished manuscript from 1975; high school and college papers, notes, and notebooks from Yale, Harvard, Northeastern, Brandeis, and Texas Southern Universities; Brudnoy's Ph.D. dissertation, "Liberty’s Bugler: The Seven Ages of Theodore Schroder," for Brandeis University, April 1971 (including research material and notes); several speeches (1982-1999); and other items.

Research material in the collection consists of several files of photocopies of articles, editorials, graphs, and other items of interest to Brudnoy, on a wide variety of topics.

Correspondence in the collection includes personal and professional letters to and from various individuals.  Notable correspondents include Chet Atkins, Ben Bova, Ed Brooke, Wiliam F. Buckley, Jr., Christopher Buckley, George H. W. Bush, Al Capp, John Chancellor, Michael Crichton, Dinesh D’Souza, Andrew Dworkin, James Fallows, John Frankenheimer, John Hope Franklin, Barry Goldwater, Henry Hazlitt, Charlton Heston, Don Imus, Garson Kanin, Jack Kemp, Norman Lear, Jerry Lewis, Richard Lugar, Norman Mailer, Gregory Macdonald, David Niven, Norman Podhoretz, Dotson Rader, Frank Rich, Ned Rorem, Roger Rosenblatt, Phyllis Schlafly, Abigail Thernstrom, John Tierney, R. Emmett Tyrrell, George F. Will, and Tom Wolfe.  Noted Massachusetts individuals include Barbara Anderson, Charlie Baker, Beverly Beckham, Robert Brustein, Michael Dukakis, Ray Flynn, Barney Frank, Scott Harshbarger, Jeff Jacoby, Kevin Kelly, Ted Kennedy, Joseph Kennedy II, John Kerry, Ed King, Bob Lobel, Joe Malone, Marty Meehan, Merle Miller, Martin Nolan, Elliott Norton, Dapper O’Neill, Thomas P. “Tip” O’Neill, Robert B. Parker, Pat Purcell, George Regan, Emily Rooney, Frank Sargent, Chuck Scarborough, John Silber, Gerry Studds, Paul Tsongas, Kevin White, and Tom Winship.  Also present are many letters from family members, including over 100 letters from Brudnoy’s mother and grandmother, many written while he was abroad in Japan (1957-1958), letters from Brudnoy’s father (1957-1964), and letters from Brudnoy’s Japanese host family and friends (1957-1972).

Legal and financial material in the collection includes documents regarding Brudnoy’s contracts with WRKO (1979-1986); various real estate transactions and issues; Brudnoy’s move to WBZ in 1986; wills; life insurance; bills; stocks and bonds; and other items.  The collection also includes a copy of Brudnoy’s birth certificate and some passports.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes Brudnoy’s juvenilia, including a scrapbook (1940-1958), stamp collection, report cards, school newsletters, and other items.  Also present are various awards, certificates, and diplomas; two Rolodexes; guest books; press passes, high school yearbooks; political buttons; signs and banners for WBZ radio; and artwork by Brudnoy.

Professional material in the collection pertains to Brudnoy’s teaching career.  Included are syllabi, lecture notes, tests, course information, and other documents.  The correspondence also includes many letters from various educational institutions regarding actual and potential jobs for Brudnoy.

Film and video in the collection include various VHS video cassettes of feature films and television programs, some including appearances by Brudnoy.

Audio recordings include a cassette tape of Brudnoy and William Friedkin (1992); a debate between Brudnoy and a Prof. Kuseliewicz regarding Polish-Jewish (1987); and other items.

Photographs in the collection consist of numerous snapshots.  Topics include: Brudnoy’s international travel; WBZ; Massachusetts General Hospital; Brudnoy at his apartment; Brudnoy’s childhood; his studies in Japan; publicity; Boston; and Brudnoy with various guests.  Images of noted individuals include Harvey Keitel, Tim Blake Nelson, William H. Macy, John Kerry, and Kevin Spacey.
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