Burke, Thomas (1886-1945)
The Thomas Burke collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, a scrapbook, printed material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Burke in the collection include three short stories; an essay on opera at Covent Garden; Big Boy Blue: A Limehouse Night, a short stage play, Forbidden Things, a stage adaptation of the previous work by Frank Cochrane; Ratcliff Highway, a stage play; outlines and a partial draft of a screenplay adaptation of Limehouse Nights, by Juan Cortez; and script for a radio play, titled The George and the Dragon: A Pastiche of the English Inn, broadcast Aug. 16, 1937.

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters from various friends, fans, publishers, agents, and the British Broadcasting Corporation, dating from 1908 to 1947.  Notable correspondents include Theodore Dreiser, Winifred M. Letts, Lord Northbrook, Mary Pickford, James Stevenson, Gilbert O. Thomas, Val Gielgud, and Aylmer Maude.  These letters also include several royalty statements and other financial records (1937-1956).  Also present are letters to Winifred Wells (“Clare Cameron”), dating from 1945 to 1967.  Notable correspondents include Pearl Binder, Montgomery Evans, and Gideon Freud.  These letters also include royalty statements, contracts, and financial statements (1945-1982).

The scrapbook in the collection is an album compiled by Burke of newspaper clippings – all short stories, essays, poems and reviews, dating from 1904 to 1914.  It includes Burke’s first printed story, “The Bellamy Diamonds” (1904).

Printed material in the collection includes magazine and newspaper clippings of writings by Burke, as well as a few reviews and biographical pieces (1917-1945); reviews and publicity, including for items based on Burke’s work (1911-1950); and a pamphlet presented by Burke when he left the London Orphan Asylum in 1901.

Other material in the collection includes a biographical sketch of Burke by Winifred Wells, as well as biographical and bibliographical information regarding Burke for International Who’s Who of 1943-1944.
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1. Burke, Thomas, 1886-1945
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