Burkholz, Herbert (1932-2006)
The Herbert Burkholz collection consists of manuscripts and other material.

Manuscripts by Burkholz in the collection include Mulligan's Seed (Harcourt, 1975); The Death Freak, written with Clifford Irving under the joint pseudonym “John Luckless” (Summit Books, 1978), with a later edition published under the authors’ real names (Sphere Books, 1979); The Sleeping Spy, written with Clifford Irving (Atheneum, 1983); The Snow Gods (Poseidon, 1984, Atheneum, 1985); Writer in Residence (Permanent Press, 1992); The Faust Machine (unfinished); The World of EICD (unpublished); and various articles, stories, and notes.

Other material in the collection includes correspondence; printed material (mostly the published versions of stories and articles by Burkholz); and research files compiled and arranged by Burkholz, used as background for his book The FDA Follies (BasicBooks, 1994).
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1. Burkholz, Herbert, 1932-2006
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