Byfield, Barbara N. (1930-1988)
The Barbara N. Byfield collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, artwork, subject files, and other material.

Manuscripts by Byfield in the collection include Smedley Hoover, His Day (Doubleday, 1976); Forever Wilt Thou Die (Doubleday, 1976); Andrew and the Alchemist (Doubleday, 1977); A Harder Thing than Triumph (Doubleday, 1977); and A Parcel of Their Fortune (Doubleday, 1979).  Additional manuscript material can be found in the Subject Files (see below).

Correspondence in the collection consists of personal and professional letters, dating from 1970 to 1980.  These include letters regarding The Book of Weird (1973-1979); The Giant Sandwich (1970-1971); Smedley Hoover (1975-1976); and the Haunted series, mostly from children (1970-1980).  Additional letters can be found in the Subject Files (see below).

Printed material includes newspaper clippings; photocopies reviews of Solemn High Murder; and galley proofs for A Harder Thing than Triumph and A Parcel of Their Fortune.

Artwork in the collection includes original book illustrations by Byfield, all black and white ink drawings unless noted.  Titles include The Haunted Chuchbell (with separations); The Haunted Ghost (with separations); The Haunted Spy (with separations); The Haunted Tower (with separations, includes color drawings); The Haunted Ghost (with separations, includes color drawings); The Giant Sandwich (includes layout sheets); The Cable Car and the Dragon (color drawings, with separations); The Silver Mine (color drawings); TV Thompson; and Esther the Orphan Queen (includes color drawings).

Subject files in the collection consist of various items collected and arranged by topic by Byfield.  Subjects include The Cable Car and the Dragon (correspondence, reviews, newspaper articles); The After Cookbook (page proofs, correspondence); The Eating in Bed Cookbook (printed items, correspondence); The Glass Harmonica (newspaper and magazine articles, correspondence); The Book of Weird (reviews, articles, page proof, copyright requests regarding reprints); the Haunted series (reviews, galley proofs, manuscripts); Andrew and the Alchemist (correspondence, reviews); Forever Wilt Thou Die (correspondence, reviews); A Parcel of Their Fortune (correspondence, reviews); Solemn High Murder (correspondence, research notes); and A Harder Thing than Triumph (correspondence, magazine and newspaper clippings).

Other items in the collection include two photographs of Byfield; research notes regarding Morocco, for A Parcel of Their Fortune; and other miscellany.
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