Campbell, E. Simms (1906-1971)
The E. Simms Campbell collection consists of artwork, manuscripts, photographs, printed material, correspondence, and other material.

Artwork by Campbell in the collection includes hundreds of cartoons (as preliminary sketches,  finished layouts, ink and watercolor, and other media) from the “Cuties” series (syndicated by King Features), dating from 1948 to 1959; several titled “Cutie Pie”; one episode each of “Hoiman” (1937), “Let’s Join the Ladies” (1937), “Phantom Island,” and “Sailor Sam”; single-panel cartoons from the “Sultan” series, published in Esquire magazine; sketches for various single-panel cartoons, including three that Campbell sent to The New Yorker; seven Playboy magazine covers; holiday sketches; portraits; nudes; caricatures; landscapes and outdoor scenes (including scenes from Japan and Haiti); and other works.  In addition, the collection includes some artwork by other artists, namely Fred Bentley, Paul Brown, and Ed Graham.

Manuscripts by Campbell in the collection include drafts of several poems; “A Guide Thru Kenokochee Falls”; a plot description for a “Cutie” cartoon strip, titled “Broadway Blues”; and captions for various cartoon strips and “Far Eastern” scenes.  Also present is a typed poem by Langston Hughes, titled “A Most Important Matter.”

Photographs in the collection include several black and white prints of Campbell, dating from the 1940s to the 1960s.  Also present are prints of Connie Willis (Campbell’s first wife), Vivian Campbell (Campbell’second wife, and Connie Willis’s sister), Elizabeth Ann Campbell (Campbell’s daughter), and various friends, family, and others, including Marian Anderson.

Printed material in the collection primarily consists of the published versions of Campbell’s drawings, cartoons, and illustrations.  These include hundreds of page proofs of the daily “Cuties” strips (1940-1970), including proofs of the Sunday strips (1943-1957); periodicals (some clippings and tearsheets) including the “Cuties” strips (1943-1960s); the “Harlem Sketches” series published in New York Amsterdam Magazine (1935-1938); the “Hooy-Ba-Looy” series from the magazine section of a New York newspaper (1932); the “Sketches” series of one-panel strips from The Pittsburgh Courier (1942-1943); numerous single-panel strips published in Esquire magazine (1933-1962); several political cartoons published in The Afro-American (1947-1948); single-panel cartoons published in Playboy magazine (1960-1964); six single-panel strips from The New York American (1933-1934); illustrations for a magazine serial titled “Young Woman,” by Carman Barnes (1935); commercial advertisements for various products (1934-1945); magazine and program covers (1921-1953); and posters for various organizations, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and several patriotic World War II posters.

Other printed material including five published articles written by Campbell; three feature articles about Campbell; several printed items mentioning Campbell (1930s-1960s); and other miscellany.

Correspondence in the collection consists of hundreds of personal and professional letters, including several letters from Campbell and Vivian Campbell to their daughter Elizabeth, as well as some to friends and relatives.  Also present are some letters from Elizabeth to her parents, and some letters from Vivian Campbell.  The letters date from 1923 to 1970.  Notable correspondents include Ralph Bunche, Bernard Geis, McGowan Miller, Peter Wells, C. D. Russell, Ed Graham, and Al Smith.

Other material in the collection includes art supplies originally used by Campbell, including brushes, pens, pencils, crayons, and palette knives; a portfolio case; an account book for the Pelican Club, listing eleven members (including Campbell) with caricatures of some members; a certificate of Campbell’s membership in the National Cartoonist Society; and Campbell’s honorary doctorate from Wilberforce University (1957).
Notable Figures
1. Campbell, E. Simms (Elmer Simms), 1906-1971
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