Carson, Josephine (1919-2002)
The Josephine Carson collection consists of manuscripts, printed material, and correspondence.

Manuscripts by Carson in the collection include material related to her books Drives My Green Age (Hutchinson, 1958) and First Man, Last Man (McGraw-Hill, 1966); as well as complete drafts and “original rough thoughts” for her non-fiction work on Black women in the civil rights movement, Silent Voices: The Southern Negro Women of Today (Delacourte Press, 1969).  Also present are various short stories, poems, and plays by Carson.  In addition, her papers include several manuscripts for pieces that remained unpublished at the time of her death.

Printed material in the collection includes poems, short stories, and excerpts from novels, all of which appeared in literary journals, primarily during the 1960s.  Also included are printed reviews of her work.

Correspondence in the collection dates from the 1940s through the 1980s, most heavily through the 1970s.  There is professional correspondence between Carson and her editors from World Publishing and McGraw-Hill.  Notable correspondents include Ben Belitt, William Kennedy, Bernard Malamud, Charles Nieder, Elizabeth Roget (including a one-page manuscript for a poem), James Erwin Schevill, John Bennett Shaw, Gerald Clifford Weales, and others.

Ms. Carson’s literary output is well-represented in the book collection with copies of First Man, Last Man; Silent Voices; Drives My Green Age (with copies in Italian as well as English); Where You Goin’, Girlie?; Dog Star and Other Stories; and several poetry anthologies that include work by Carson.
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