Cassill, R. V. (1919-2002)

The R. V. Cassill collection consists of manuscripts, professional material, correspondence, audio/visual material, and other items.

 Manuscripts by Cassill in the collection include drafts of his novels with many partial drafts and pages of notes.  Titles include Clem Anderson (Simon and Schuster, 1961); Pretty Leslie (Simon and Schuster, 1963); The President (Simon and Schuster, 1964); La Vie Passionnee of Rodney Buckthorne: A Tale of the Great American's Last Rally and Curious Death (Geis, 1968); Labors of Love (fragments; Arbor House, 1980); the short novel Unknown Soldier, published in Two Short Novels (with Jack White; Texas Center for Writers Press, 1990); and various fragments related to a number of unfinished or unpublished novels.  Also present are a number of complete manuscripts from Cassill=s extensive output of short stories, including a complete draft of the anthology The Happy Marriage, and Other Stories (Purdue University Studies, 1966).  In addition, the collection includes extensive material regarding the sixth edition of The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction (Norton, 2000), including copies of stories included in the volume as well as author biographies, introductory pieces, and other items; and some material regarding the Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction, second edition (Norton, 1997).  The collection also includes a drafts of Cassill's collection of essays and criticisms In an Iron Time: Statements and Reiterations (Purdue University Studies, 1969).

 Manuscripts by others in the collection include a draft of the book Bull, by Fredric Smith; a draft of the book Scars on the Heart Don't Show… Or Do They? by Victoria Sprague; a poem by Jack Mulligan; poems, essays, and fragments by Patricia Landers; a fragment of a novel by Sarah Coburn Hills; and four short stories by Joan Dew.

 Professional material in the collection consists of files of documents created and arranged by Cassill on various topics.  These topics include short stories; teaching; notes; reviews; publicity;

Cassill's novel Doctor Cobb's Game (Geis, 1970); The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction; interviews; newspaper clippings; and Kay Cassill's The Freelance Writer's Handbook (Crowell, 1980).   

Correspondence in the collection dates from 1935 to the 2000s, and includes both professional and personal letters.  Notable correspondents include Louis Adamic, Hortense Calisher, Candida Donadio, Fritz Eichenberg, George P. Elliott, George P. Garrett, Jr., Bernard Geis, Herbert Gold, Jaimy Gordon, Robert Gottlieb, Tom Grimes, James B. Hall, Oakley Hall, James Hearst, L. Rust Hills, John Clellon Holmes, Robinson Hubbell, Donald Justice, W. McNeil Lowry, David Madden, George McGovern, Arona McHugh, Michael Mewshaw, and Mandy Rice-Davies.

 Audio/visual material in the collection consists of several VHS video cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes documenting various lectures and workshops given by Cassill.

 Other material in the collection includes photographs, financial material, a scrapbook of reviews by Cassill (1962-1971), notebooks, and other items.

Notable Figures
1. Cassill, R. V. (Ronald Verlin), 1919-2002
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