Chalmers, Allan Knight (1897-1972)
The Allan Knight Chalmsers collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, and other items.  

Much of the material is grouped by subject and topic.  One such subject is Chalmers' career as a professor in the Boston University School of Theology.  This material includes student papers, teaching notes, class record books, grade sheets, and other class material, as well as various administrative records and documents.

Another subject is Chalmers' career as a minister and an author.  This material includes notes for various talks and sermons; a rough outline for an autobiography; church programs; and drafts of Chalmers' books That Revolutionary -- Christ; The Constant Fire (1935-1936), and William Wilberforce, as well as letter about those books.  Manuscripts of titled sermons include "A Thanksgiving Day Sermon" (1930); "The Signs of the Times: a Memorial Day Sermon" (1931); "The Intolerance of Fear: A May Day Sermon " (1932); and "Reasonable Life" (1933).  There are also letters from Chalmers to his parishioners (1924-1927).  The collection includes a number of Christian publications with articles by Chalmers.  They include: The Christian Century Pulpit (1932-1942); Zion's Herald (1947 and 1955); "Brotherhood of Church and Factory in a People's World" (1942); The New Century Leader (1955); The Pilgrim Highroad (1930); The Congregationalist (1924-1933); Advance (1935); The Pastor (1945); The Epworth Herald (1945); and Religion in Life (1935 and 1936).  

Another subject is Chalmers' civil rights work in the 1930s and 1940s, mostly as part of the legal arm of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.  This material includes many documents about Chalmers' involvement in the Scottsboro Boys case (1935-1940), mainly by serving as legal counsel for the Boys and as chairman of the Scottsboro Defense Committee; present are letters, professional material, clippings, programs, publicity material, and other items.  Notable correspondents include Eleanor Roosevelt, Hugo Black, Arthur H. Sulzburger, Thurgood Marshall, and some of the Scottsboro Boys.

Additional material includes letters from John Erskine, Norman Vincent Peale, MAaxwell Rabb, Oscar Hammerstein II, Edna Ferber, L.H. Foster, Kivie Kaplan, Stokely Carmichael, Roy Wilkins, Pearl S. Buck, and A. Philip Randolph; audio recordings of Chalmers' sermons "Then Face to Face" (1962) and "Religion and Discrimination" (1964); There is Chalmers’ World War I diary (1917-1918) and a scrapbook of photographs from that period; and other photographs. 
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