Chehak, Susan Taylor (1951- )
The Susan Taylor Chehak collection consists of manuscripts and professional material.

Manuscripts in the collection include material related to her literary output, as well as material for Chehak’s class, “Introduction to Fiction Writing,” which she taught at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of South Carolina.  The manuscripts for different titles in the collection vary; some titles include various drafts, revisions, and notes; others include galleys and page proofs; still others contain just a single typescript.  The titles of the novels for which there is manuscript material include The Truth About Annie D. (Houghton, 1989), which was published as The Story of Annie D.; Harmony (Ticknor and Fields, 1990); Dancing on Glass (Ticknor and Fields, 1993), which went through numerous revisions and title changes; and Rampage (Doubleday, 1998).  Chehak’s short story manuscripts include “Billy Bulderston and the Big Bonfire”; “Dead Pets”; “The Deep End”; “Dogwood”; “The Dream of the Opossum”; “End of the World Dreams”; “Gamut”; “Homeward’s Ghosts”; “Last Chance Café”; “The Mobile”; “Monkey Tree Chronology”; “Betta and the Moth”; and “The Terrible Thing: An English Ghost Story”, to name a few.  There are manuscripts for two screenplays: an adaptation of The Truth About Annie D., written by Chehak and her husband; and The Only Gold.  Any correspondence is professional, related to specific manuscripts, and is filed with the manuscript to which it relates.  

Professional material in the collection consists of a number of office files which include material related to her “Introduction to Writing Fiction” class at UCLA and USC.  This includes the syllabus, reading assignments, and a session-by-session breakdown of each class.

Chehak is represented in the book collection by Smithereens, a Novel (Doubleday, 1995) and her non-fiction work Don Quixote Meets the Mob: the Craft of Fiction and the Art of Life (2000).
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