Chidsey, Donald Barr (1902-1981)
The Donald Barr Chidsey collection, consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, and research material.

Manuscripts by Chidsey in the collection are extensive.  For some titles, only a single draft is present; other titles have multiple drafts, galleys, and notes included.  Titles include Victory at Yorktown (Crown, 1962); Edge of Piracy (Crown, 1964); The Birth of the Constitution (Crown, 1964); The Great Separation (Crown, 1965); Goodbye to Gunpowder (Crown, 1963); The Tide Turns (Crown, 1966); Their Darkest Hour, The Siege of Boston (Crown, 1966); The Day They Sank the Lusitania (Award Books, 1967); The War in the North (Crown, 1967), The Great Conspiracy (Crown, 1967); The Legion of the Lost (Crown, 1967); The War with Mexico (Crown, 1968), The California Gold Rush (Crown, 1968); The French and Indian War (Crown, 1969); The War in the South (Crown, 1969); Lewis and Clark: The Great Adventure (Crown, 1970); The Panama Canal (Crown, 1970); The Wars in Barbary (Crowon, 1971); The Whites of Their Eyes, The Spanish-American War (Crown, 1971); The Louisiana Purchase (Crown, 1972); The Loyalists (Crown, 1973); Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Jefferson (Thomas Nelson, 1975); The World of Samuel Adams (Thomas Nelson, 1975); The Man Who Had No Birthday, and On and Off the Wagon (Cowles, 1969).    

Correspondence in the collection is primarily business-related, coming from his agents, publishers, and editors, with a few fan letters included as well.  The fan mail includes a series of eight letters from magazine editor H. L. Mencken to Chidsey, dated between 1946 and 1948.  Also present are contracts for 71 works by Chidsey, dated between 1936 and 1965.  

Printed material includes tearsheets, and in some instances, complete magazines with pieces written by Chidsey.  These publications include Esquire, Dime Detective, Argosy, True, Holiday, Adventure, National Geographic, and Liberty.  There is also a scrapbook of reviews of Chidsey’s books dating between 1942 and 1958, with some loose, in front, dating from 1962.  There are also copies of some reviews interfiled in the folders with their respective manuscripts.

Chidsey is represented in the book collection by the titles: The American Privateers; a History (1962), The Battle of New Orleans; an on-the-scene account of the War of 1812 (1961), The Birth of the Constitution (1964), Bonnie Prince Charlie (1928), The California Gold Rush (1968), Captain Adam (1953), Captain Bashful (1955 and 1959), The Day They Sank the Lusitania (1967), Edge of Piracy (1965), Elizabeth I: A Great Life in Brief (1955), The French and Indian War (1969), Goodbye to Gunpowder (1963), The Great Conspiracy (1967), The Great Separation; the Story of the Boston Tea Party and the Beginning of the American Revolution (1965), His Majesty’s Highwayman (1958), La Independencia Norteamericana (1958), John the Great; the Life and Times of John L. Sullivan (1947), July 4, 1776; the Dramatic Story of the First Four Days of July, 1776 (1958), The Legion of the Lost (1967), Lewis and Clark: the Great Adventure (1970), Louisiana Purchase (1972), The Loyalists (1973), Marlborough: the Portrait of a Conqueror (1929), Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Jefferson (1975), The Naked Sword (1959), On and Off the Wagon (1969), The Panama Canal: an Informal History (1970), Panama Passage (1946), Reluctant Cavalier (1960), Shackleton’s Voyage (1967), The Siege of Boston (1966), The Spanish-American War: A Behind-the-Scenes Account of the War in Cuba (1971), This Bright Sword (1957), The Tide Turns: an Informal History of the Campaign of 1776 in the American Revolution (1966), Victory at Yorktown (1962), The War in the North (1967), The War in the South (1969), The War with Mexico (1968), The Wars in Barbary: Arab Piracy and the Birth of the United States Navy (1971), The World of Samuel Adams (1974).  Many of these books are autographed or inscribed by the author.
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1. Chidsey, Donald Barr, 1902-1981
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