Clarke, Anna (1919-2004)
The Anna Clarke collection consists of manuscripts, journals and diaries, printed material, research material, photographs, and correspondence.

Manuscripts in the collection include work related to Clarke’s novels, short stories, and poetry.   Drafts for the individual titles may contain variant drafts, contracts, correspondence, and financial material.  Titles present include My Search for Ruth (Collins, 1975); Out of the Depths, or How a Serious Mental Illness Created a Writer (1976, possibly unpublished); Halfway There (1979, possibly unpublished); Game Set and Danger (Doubleday, 1981): Desire to Kill (Doubleday, 1982); Soon She Must Die (Doubleday, 1983); Last Judgment (Doubleday, 1985); Cabin 3033 (Doubleday, 1986); The Mystery Lady (Doubleday, 1986); Last Seen In London (Doubleday, 1987); Murder in Writing (Doubleday, 1988); The Whitelands Affair (Doubleday, 1989); The Case of the Tourist Who Tripped (1991); The Case of the Ludicrous Letters (Berkley Books, 1993); and The Case of the Anxious Aunt (Berkley Books, 1994).  There is also a section of undated  manuscript material for unpublished, and in some cases, unfinished, novels including the titles: The Dark Side of Joy; The Dickens of a Mess; Do It Yourself Murder; Death of A Traveling Twin; Entombed in Bloomsbury; Making Waves; Murder in the Open; Not With Hatred, Not With Love; The Thing He Loves; and To Meet My Maker. Other manuscript material includes An Experience of Re-Birth, a collection of 36 poems, apparently unpublished; a set of seven pieces of short fiction, none ever accepted for publication; and some academic work dating from 1974 and 1975, related to Clarke’s graduate studies.
Journals and diaries in the collection include 55 of Clarke’s day planners, dated 1949-1990 and 1992-2002; and eight notebook diaries, dated 1980-1981, 1983, 1988-1989, 1992-1993, and  1996.

Printed material in the collection includes two tear sheets of pieces by Clarke: “Progress on Route Number 30,” from the Guardian, Dec. 11, 1961; and “Warpath,” from the Open University newspaper, Sesame, Dec. 1972.  There are also 29 tear sheets of book reviews of six titles by Clarke, dating from 1968 to 1972.  

Research material in the collection consists of various items used by Clarke as background for her writings, arranged by topic.

Photographs in the collection consist of a number of publicity photos of Clarke.

Correspondence in the collection is strictly professional in nature, consisting of letters between Clarke and her agents and publishers, dating from 1964 to 1996.

Clarke is represented in the book collection with, in some cases, multiple editions of the following titles: Cabin 3033 (1986), The Case of the Anxious Aunt (1996), The Case of the Paranoid Patient (1993), The Darkened Room (1991), The Deathless and the Dead (1976), Desire to Kill (1982), The End of a Shadow (1972), Fountains of Paradise (2001), Game Set and Danger (1981), The Lady in Black (1977), Last Judgment (1985), Last Seen in London (1987), Last Voyage (1980), Legacy of Evil (1976), Let Nothing You Dismay (1983), Letter From the Dead (1977), A Mind to Murder (1971), Murder in Writing (1988), My Search for Ruth (1988), The Mystery Lady (1986), One of Us Must Die (1978), Plot-Counter-Plot (1990), Poison Parsley (1979), The Poisoned Web (1979), Soon She Must Die (1983), This Downhill Path (1977), We the Bereaved (1982), The Whitelands Affair (1992).
Notable Figures
1. Clarke, Anna, 1919-2004
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