Clarke, Arthur C. (1917-2008)

The Arthur C. Clarke collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and other items.

Manuscripts for books by Clarke in the collection, primarily non-fiction, include The Defenestration of Ermintrude Inch (Rocket Publishing Co., 1951); All the Time in the World (Rocket Publishing Co., 1951); The Deep Range (Rocket Publishing Co., 1954); The Reefs of Taprobane (Harper, 1957); The Men on the Moon (David Higham Associates, Ltd., 1959); Challenge of the Sea (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1960); Space, the Unconquerable (David Higham Associates, Ltd., 1960); Dolphin Island (Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1963); Glide-Path (Harcourt, 1964); The Treasure of the Great Reef (Harper, 1964); and The Promise of Space (Harper and Row, 1968); "The First Men in the Moon" section for Man and Space (Time-Life, 1970); Report on Planet Three (Harper, 1973); and Standing Room Only (David Higham Associates, Ltd., date unknown). Some of these manuscripts are short fragments or outlines.

Other manuscripts by Clarke include the articles "Apollo and Beyond" (for Look ) and "Beyond the Moon" (for Time ), both dated 1969; the screenplay "Apollo" (1969); a speech titled "Beyond Babel: The Century of the Communications Satellite," delivered to a UNESCO conference (1969); a lecture titled "Communications in the Second Century of the Telephone," delivered at MIT on the centennial of the telephone (1976); a speech titled "Star Wars and Star Peace," delivered as the 19th Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Lecture (1986); and speech titled "Star Peace," delivered on receipt of the 10th Charles Lindbergh Award (1987).

Correspondence in the collection includes several letters to Clarke from C. S. Lewis, dated 1943-1954 (all photocopies), as well as other miscellaneous letters.

Other items in the collection include Clarke's longhand transcript of a mathematics book, made in 1930; an information sheet regarding the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE); a pamphlet about the Arthur C. Clarke Centre for Modern Technologies, Sri Lanka, with 1986-1987 schedule enclosed; "It's a Weird World," printed in Satellite Orbit, Dec. 1986, mentioning Clarke's television series; and a bibliography of Clarke's published works, ca. 1987.

Notable Figures
1. Clarke, Arthur C. (Arthur Charles), 1917-2008
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