Compton, Barbara (1902-1999)
The Barbara Compton collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and other material.  A large section of the collection consists of material regarding Gerhard Witt, Compton's first husband.

Manuscripts by Compton in the collection include drafts of her novels To the Isthmus (Simon and Schuster, 1964); Margaret Townshend (possibly unpublished); and an untitled novel (unpublished).  Also present are manuscripts for short stories, a play, poems (including several in Czech), three articles translated into English by Compton, a diary (1916), and a notebook.

Correspondence in the collection includes letters from the Keppel-Compton Family (1895-1935); letters to and from Gerhard Witt (1935-1947); letters to and from Barbara Compton (1937-1952); and letters to and from both Compton and Witt (1943-1947).  The Keppel-Compton correspondence includes letters from Robert Herbert Keppel-Compton (Barbara Compton's brother), Provincial Commissioner of Nyasaland (1949-1955) and a letter from Reinhold Niebuhr (Compton's brother-in-law) to Compton's parents (1935).  The Witt correspondence includes a letter from Kurt Wolff (1942).  The Compton correspondence includes letters from Bruce Bliven, Kurt Wolff, and several letters from Mary Miller (1947, 1951-1956), some with poems attached.  There is some additional correspondence dating from 1912 to 1988.

Other material in the collection includes a manuscript by Richard Moravec regarding the film The Story of a Volcano; memorabilia from the Keppel-Compton family, including locks of hair from Compton and her siblings; artwork by Compton; financial material; and several photographs (1900-1950s), including images of Compton's family (1900-1920), Prague (1924-1927), Africa (1928-1929), Reinhold Niebuhr (1935), and other subjects.

Material regarding Gerhard Witt in the collection mostly consists of manuscripts by Witt, including Compton's translations.  Much of the material is in German.  Manuscripts include Active Psychology and the Progress and Welfare of Man, edited by Compton and Richard Moravec (Theo. Gaus and Sons), including various drafts, and extensive notes; psychoanalytic notes and patient case studies, including case histories of cocaine patients, clinical notes, and treatment notes (1923-1947); poetry and criticism by Witt; and miscellaneous manuscripts.  Printed material includes two reading copies of Active Psychology…; issues of Psychoanalysis with items by Witt; an issue of Gedichte printing some of Witt's poems posthumously; and other miscellaneous items.  Also present are 28 sketches by Witt (1911-1920) and a notebook with inserted pages listing 324 paintings by Witt (1921-1945).
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