Cook, Robin [Derek Raymond] (1931-1994)
The Robin Cook collection consists of manuscripts, photographs, and other items.

Manuscripts by Cook in the collection include drafts of his books All Love and No Orange Blossom (unfinished, characters later used in Bombe Surprise); Bombe Surprise (Hutchinson 1963); The Legacy of the Stiff Upper Lip (Hutchinson, 1966); Public Parts and Private Places (Hutchinson, 1967);  Tell Safety Goodbye (unfinished); A State of Denmark: Or, a Warning to the Incurious: A Novel (setting copy; Hutchinson, 1970); Sick Transit (unpublished in English; published in a French translation  by Rosine Fitzgerald, Gallimard, 1982); On the Death Express (unpublished); Un Douze (unpublished); He Died with His Eyes Open (Secker and Warburg, 1984); The Devil's Home On Leave (Secker and Warburg, 1985); and How the Dead Live (Secker and Warburg, 1986).  Also included are his manuscripts for short fiction; plays, including It Won't be a Stylish Marriage, (produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation); play synopses; poetry; notebooks; notes on Algeria; a story titled "Stories of the Skulls," illustrated by Cook; an idea and dialogue for a film (unfinished); reviews; articles; and other items.

Photographs in the collection are collected in a single album with 151 snapshots of Cook's family and residences (1913-1948).  One photo shows Cook's maternal grandfather Frank Vertreese Pollock with Enrico Caruso (1913).

Other material in the collection includes correspondence and a power of attorney document from 1962.
Notable Figures
1. Cook, Robin, 1931-1994
2. Raymond, Derek
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