Cookson, Catherine (1906-1998)
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The Catherine Cookson collection consists of manuscripts, diaries, subject files, photographs, and correspondence.

Manuscripts in the collection primarily consists of manuscripts, mostly drafts for ninety-nine of her books.  For each title listed, the material may include a single draft or a number of variant drafts, proofs, or galleys; some are undated and may be unpublished.  Titles include I Learnt to Draw at 30 (1949); Kate Hannigan (Macdonald and Co., 1950); Buying Second Hand (1951); The Fifteen Streets (1952); Colour Blind (Macdonald and Co., 1953); Maggie Rowan (Macdonald and Co., 1954); A Grand Man (Macdonald and Co., 1954); The Lord and Mary Ann (Macdonald and Co., 1956); The Menagerie (Macdonald and Co., 1958);  The Devil and Mary Ann (Macdonald and Co.,1958); Slinky Jane (Macdonald and Co., 1959); Fenwick Houses (Macdonald and Co., 1960); Love and Mary Ann (Macdonald and Co., 1961); The Garment (Macdonald and Co., 1962);  Life and Mary Ann (Macdonald and Co., 1962); The Blind Miller (Macdonald and Co., 1963); Hannah Massey (Macdonald and Co., 1964); Marriage and Mary Ann (Macdonald and Co., 1964); The Long Corridor (Mcdonald and Co., 1965); Mary Ann’s Angels (Macdonald and Co., 1965); Bill and “The Mary Shaughnessy” (1965); Matty Doolin (Macdonald and Co., 1965); Mary Ann and Bill (Macdonald and Co., 1967); The Unbaited Trap (Macdonald and Co., 1966); Katie Mulholland (Macdonald and Co., 1967); The Round Tower (Macdonald and Co., 1968); Joe and the Gladiator (Macdonald and Co., 1968); The Nice Bloke (Macdonald and Co., 1969); Our Kate: An Autobiography (Macdonald and Co., 1969); The Glass Virgin (Macdonald and Co., 1969); The Invitation (Macdonald and Co., 1970); Fanny McBride (Corgi Books, 1971); Feathers in the Fire (Macdonald and Co., 1971); Blue Baccy (Macdonald and Jane’s,1972); The Mallen Streak (Heinemann, 1973); The Mallen Girl (Heinemann, 1974); The Mallen Litter (Heinemann, 1974); Our John Willie (Morrow, 1974); The Invisible Cord (Dutton, 1975); The Gambling Man (Morrow, 1975); The Tide of Life (Morrow, 1976); The Girl (Morrow, 1977); Mrs. Flanagan’s Trumpet (Macdonald and Jane’s,1977); Go Tell It to Mrs. Golightly (Macdonald and Jane’s,1977); The Cinder Path (Morrow, 1978); Tilly Trotter (Heinemann, 1978); The Man Who Cried (Morrow, 1979); Tilly Trotter Wed (Heinemann, 1981); Lanky Jones (Lothrop,1981); Tilly Widowed (Heinemann, 1982); The Black Velvet Gown (Summit Books, 1984); Goodbye Hamilton (Heinemann, 1984); The Thorman Inheritance (Summit Books, 1986); Catherine Cookson Country (Heinemann, 1986); The Parson’s Daughter (Summit Books, 1987); Let Me Make Myself Plain (Bantam, 1988); The Black Candle (Summit Books, 1988); The Cultured Handmaiden (1988); The Wingless Bird (Summit Books, 1990); Bill Baley’s Lot (G. K. Hall, 1990); Bill Bailey’s Daughter (G. K. Hall, 1990); My Beloved Son (Bantam, 1991); The Rag Nymph (Bantam, 1992); The House of Women (Bantam, 1992); The Maltese Angel (Simon and Schuster, 1992); The Golden Straw (Simon and Schuster, 1993); The Year of the Virgins (Simon and Schuster, 1993); Justice is a Woman (Bantam, 1995); The Obsession (Bantam Press, 1995); The Tinkers Girl (Bantam Press, 1996); and The Silent Lady (Bantam Press, 2001).  Books published under the pseudonym “Catherine Marchant” in the collection include The Fen Tiger (Macdonald and Co., 1963); House of Men (Macdonald and Co., 1964); Miss Martha Mary Crawford (Heinemann, 1975); and The Slow Awakening (Heinemann, 1976).  Other titles in the collection, possibly unfinished and/or unpublished, include: As It Was In the Beginning; Bill Bailey’s Wife; The Black Velvet Dress; Bondage of Love; Bonny Dawn/The Pretty Dawn; The Branded Man; The Cast (1969); The Dagshaw Gillyvors (1986); Desert Crop; The Joker; The Lady on My Left; Love in a Mist; The Parson’s Prig (1983); Riley and the Blind Years; Rooney (1957); Sarah Fogarty; The Second Year; Solace of Sin; The Thursday Friend; Thursday’s Child; and The Upstart.

The collection also includes diaries kept by Cookson, dating from 1942, 1947, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1959, 1966-1968, 1982, 1992,1993, and 1994-1998.  

Subject files in the collection consist of files containing a variety of material (mostly printed material and manuscripts)  grouped around particular topics.  Subjects include articles written about Cookson, various talks given by her, and speeches delivered by others on the occasion of Cookson receiving honorary Doctorates in 1983 and 1991.  

The collection contains numerous photographs of Cookson, both personal and professional.

Correspondence in the collection includes personal letters to Cookson from various friends, acquaintances, and family members.  These include birthday cards, greetings on her 90th birthday, and congratulatory letters upon her receiving the O.B.E. and the D.B.E.  Professional correspondence includes letters from her agent, publishers, and editors, as well as BBC television and radio.
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