Coppel, Alfred (1921-2004)
The Alfred Coppel collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, and other items.

Manuscripts by Coppel include drafts of his books (all published by Harcourt except where noted) Hero Driver (Crown, 1954); Night of Fire and Snow (Simon & Schuster, 1957); Dark December (Fawcett, 1960); A Certainty of Love (1966); The Gate of Hell (1967); Order of Battle (1968); A Little Time for Laughter (1969); The Landlocked Man (1972); Thirty-Four East (1974); The Dragon (1977); The Hastings Conspiracy (1980); The Apocalypse Brigade (Holt, 1981); The Burning Mountain: A Novel of the Invasion of Japan (1983);  The Marburg Chronicles (Dutton, 1985); The Korean War: An Oral History ,with Donald Knox (1985-1988); Show Me a Hero (1987); Catspaw (unfinished); A Land of Mirrors (1988); The Boyar Conspiracy; Glory (TOR, 1993); and Wars and Winters (D.I. Fine, 1993).  Manuscripts for books written under the pseudonym Robert Cham Gilman include The Rebel of Rhada (1968); The Navigator of Rhada (1969); The Starkahan of Rhada (1970); and The Warlock of Rhada (Ace, 1985).  Manuscripts for books written under the pseudonym A.C. Marin include The Clash of Distant Thunder (1968); Rise with the Wind (1969); and A Storm of Spears (1970).  Also present are some short stories by Coppel; galley proofs with corrections for a story by Coppel for Playboy; a screenplay adaptation of The Clash of Distant Thunder, by Charles E. Israel; a screenplay titled Fallout by Steven Marshall and Frederick Hoffman; a screenplay adaptation of Thirty-Four East by Michael W. Leighton; and Alfred Coppel: An Anecdotal History (with some correspondence).

Correspondence in the collection includes several professional letters (1954-1958), including a letter from Anthony Boucher.  Some book drafts also include letter to and from various editors and publishers.

Other material in the collection includes several book jackets mounted on boards, and  a poster for Show Me a Hero.
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