Copper, Basil (1924-2013)
The Basil Copper collection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, professional material, and other items.

Manuscripts by Copper in the collection include his novels The Dark Mirror (R. Hale, 1966); Night Frost (R. Hale, 1966); Not After Nightfall: Stories of the Strange and Terrible (New English Library, 1967); Scratch on the Dark (R. Hale, 1967); No Flowers for the General (R. Hale, 1967); Die Now, Live Later (R. Hale, 1968); Don't Bleed on Me (R. Hale, 1968); The Marble Orchard (R. Hale, 1969); Dead File (R. Hale, 1970); No Letters from the Grave (R. Hale, 1971); The Big Chill (R. Hale, 1972); Meet the Phantom (Avon, 1972); The Phantom and the Scorpia Menace (Avon, 1972); The Phantom and the Slave Market of Mucar (Avon, 1972); Strong-Arm (R. Hale, 1972); A Great Year for Dying (R. Hale, 1973); The Breaking Point (R. Hale, 1973); From Evil's Pillow (Arkham House, 1973); Shock-Wave (R. Hale, 1973); The Vampire: In Legend, Fact, and Art (nonfiction, R. Hale, 1973; Citadel, 1974); Feedback (R. Hale, 1974); Ricochet (R. Hale, 1974); A Voice from the Dead (R. Hale, 1974); The Great White Space (R. Hale, 1974; St. Martin's Press, 1975); A Good Place to Die (R. Hale, 1975); The High Wall (R. Hale, 1975); Impact (R. Hale, 1975); When Footsteps Echo: Tales of Terror and the Unknown (St. Martin's Press, 1975); Crack in the Sidewalk (R. Hale, 1976); The Lonely Place (R. Hale, 1976); Tight Corner (R. Hale, 1976); Death Squad (R. Hale, 1977); The Year of the Dragon (R. Hale, 1977); The Werewolf: In Legend, Fact, and Art (nonfiction, St. Martin's Press, 1977); Murder One (R. Hale, 1978); The Big Rip-Off (R. Hale, 1979); The Dossier of Solar Pons (Pinnacle Books, 1979); A Quiet Room in Hell (R. Hale, 1979); The Further Adventure of Solar Pons (Pinnacle Books, 1979); The Secret Files of Solar Pons (Pinnacle Books, 1979); Necropolis (Arkham House, 1980); The Caligari Complex (R. Hale, 1980); Flip-Side (R. Hale, 1980); Voices of Doom: Tales of Terror and the Uncanny (St. Martin's Press, 1980); The Long Rest (R. Hale, 1981); Dark Entry (R. Hale, 1981); The Empty Silence (R. Hale, 1981); Hang Loose (R. Hale, 1982); Shoot-Out (R. Hale, 1982); The Far Horizon (R. Hale, 1982); Hard Contract (R. Hale, 1983); The House of the Wolf (Arkham House, 1983); The Narrow Corner (R. Hale, 1983); Into the Silence (Sphere Books, 1983); Pressure-Point (R. Hale, 1983); Trigger-Man (R. Hale, 1983); The Far Side of Fear (R. Hale, 1984); The Hook (R. Hale, 1984); You Only Die Once (R. Hale, 1984);  Tuxedo Park (R. Hale, 1984); Blood on the Moon (R. Hale, 1986); Jet-Lag (R. Hale, 1986); Snow-Job (R. Hale, 1986); Bad Scene (R. Hale, 1987); Turn Down an Empty Glass (R. Hale, 1987); Heavy Iron (R. Hale, 1987); Print-Out (R. Hale, 1988); House-Dick (R. Hale, 1988); The Black Death (Fedogan & Bremer, 1991); The Exploits of Solar Pons (Fedogan & Bremer, 1993); Whispers in the Night (summary; Fedogan & Bremer, 1999); Cold Hand on My Shoulder: Tales of Terror and Suspense (Sarob Press, 2002); Solar Pons versus the Devil's Claw (Sarob Press, 2004); Knife in the Back: Tales of Twilight and Torment (2005); and others.  Also present are drafts of several short stories by Copper, as well as a draft of a lecture that Copper gave at the two-day convention of the British Fantasy Society in 1977 (along with manuscripts of other speeches and lectures from that event).

Correspondence in the collection includes several personal and professional letters, including fan mail with Copper’s responses, dating from the 1930s to the 1990s.

Printed material in the collection consists of galleys and proofs of some of Copper’s novels; book jackets for several novels; science-fiction, fantasy, and crime magazines (1966-1985) with published pieces by Copper; thirty reviews of Copper’s books (1968-2002); material regarding August Derleth and the August Derleth Society (1993-2002); book catalogs; and various items regarding mystery, horror, and science-fiction writing (1974-2000).

Professional material in the collection includes items regarding the Third International Conference of Crime Writers, Stockholm, Sweden, Oct. 1980 - June 1981(including a brochure and program booklet); material regarding the First World Fantasy Convention, Oct.-Nov. 1975 (including a schedule and program); and Copper’s application for a Fulbright Chandler Fellowship in Spy and Detective Fiction Writing, 1991 (includes application form; copies of reviews; excepts from books; letters of recommendation).

Other items in the collection include twelve copies of silhouette sketches by R. Grove; two royalty statements (1979, 1980); photographs considered for inclusion in The Werewolf: In Legend, Fact And Art (11 black and white prints); photographs for possible jacket illustrations for Necropolis (11 black and white prints); and an invitation to the opening of “Britain’s First Crime and Mystery Specialist Bookshop,” presented like a piece of evidence, in a plastic bag with tag marked “Exhibit A.”
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