Corman, Cid (1924-2004)
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The Cid Corman material primarily consists of Corman’s numerous poetry worksheets. These items are usually one page each and typed with handwritten revisions; proofs are also present. They date from 1958 to the mid-1980s. Collections of poetry are also present, usually in proof form; titles include Hearth (Origin Press, 1968); Be Quest (Elizabeth Press, 1972); Once and For All (Elizabeth Press, 1975); Antics (Origin Press, 1977); Gratis (Origin Press, 1977 and 1979); One Man’s Moon: 50 Haikus (Gnomon Press, 1984); and Corman’s translation of Leaves of Hypnos, by Rene Char (Grossman, 1973). Other manuscripts by Corman include several essays and translations, a play titled The Tree of Light, a datebook with handwritten entries (1970), and other miscellaneous items.

Also present in the collection are proof copies of poetry collections published by Corman’s Origin Press. Titles include Ya! By Douglas Woolf (1969); To Romany, by Denis Goacher (1976); and Alfa ed O, by Frank Sampieri (1976). Other proofs in the collection, published by Elizabeth Press, are The Fourth, by Frank Sampieri; and A Partial Glossary, by William Bronk (1974).
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