Deasy, Mary (1914-1978)

The Mary Deasy collection consist of manuscripts, notebooks, printed material, scrapbooks, correspondence, and photographs.

Mansucripts by Deasy in the collection include drafts and proofs for her novels (all published by Little, Brown) Hour of Spring (1948); Cannon Hill (1949); The Corioli Affair (1954); Devil’s Bridge (1950); Ella Gunning (1950); as well the unfinished novel Perry and Plum (ca. 1941).  Manuscripts for novels written under the pseudonum “Clare Darcy” (all published by Walker) include Georgina (1971); Lady Pamela (1975); Elyza (1976); Cressida (1977); Eugenia (1977); Gwendolen (1977); and Rolande (1978).  Also present are several short stories (some unpublished) by Deasy, dating from 1944 to 1971; these include “Harvest” (published in Best American Short Stories, 1945); “Long Shadow on the Lawn” (published in O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories, 1945); “A Sense of Danger” (published in Best American Short Stories, 1946); and “The Holiday” (published in O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories, 1947).  In addition, the manuscripts include Deasy’s article “Make a List” for The Writer, from 1972.

Notebooks in the collection consist of several items dating from 1947 to 1973 (some are undated).  They contain holograph notes, typed pages, manuscript fragments, newspaper clippings, greeting card designs, and research materials

Printed material in the collection consists of the published versions of Deasy’s writings.  These include serialized versions of Cannon Hill and The Corioli Affair; an excerpt from Hour of Spring; and several short stories, published in Collier’s, American Mercury, Harper’s, Yale Review, Redbook, Atlantic Monthly, Virginia Quarterly Review, The New Yorker, and other magazines.

Scrapbooks in the collection include a scrapbook containing clippings of reviews and regarding Hour of Spring and Cannon Hill (1948-1949); a scrapbook containing clippings of reviews regarding Ella Gunning, Devil’s Bridge, Corioli Affair, and a short story published in Best American Short Stories (1950-1956); a scrapbook containing
clippings of reviews regarding The Boy Who Made Good, O’Shaugnessy’s Day and The Celebration (1955-1965), as well as some clippings regarding Deasy’s sister, chemist Dr. Clara L. Deasy; and a scrapbook containing clippings of reviews regarding Deasy’s “Clare Darcy” Regency novels (1971-1974), along with some book jacket proofs and a publisher’s book list.

Correspondence in the collection is extensive, dating from 1936 to 1978.  It primarily consists of professional letters between Deasy and her publishers, agents, and editors.  Also included are some fan letters, rejection slips, and several letters to and from Clara Deasy.  Notable correspondents include Charles Angoff, Martha Foley, Blanche Knopf, Howard Moss, Katharine Angell White, Edward Weeks, Peter Davison, Roger Angell, Cass Canfield, Hiram Haydn, Charles Morton, Margaret Cousins, Rex Stout, C. M. Newman, and Robert Hemenway.

Photographs in the collection consist of six black and white studio portraits of Deasy, used for book jackets and press releases.  They date from ca. 1949 to 1954.

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