Deeping, Warwick (1877-1950)

The Warwick Deeping collection includes manuscripts, diaries and notebooks, correspondence, and other materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for novels, short stories, plays, and essays. Nearly all of Deeping’s manuscripts are marked with holograph annotations. Novel manuscripts are documented extensively between 1908 and 1957, and all novels were published by Cassell unless otherwise noted. Included are Love Among the Ruins (1904), Bertrand of Brittany (1908, Harper), The Rust of Rome (1910), The Lame Englishman (1911), The Golden Cord (1935, Knopf), The Woman at the Door (1937), Fantasia (1939), Corn in Egypt (1941), The Dark House (1941), I Live Again (1942), Slade (1943), Reprieve (1945), The Impudence of Youth (1946), The Laughing House (1947), Portrait of a Playboy (1948), Paradise Place (1949), Old Mischief (1950), Time to Heal (1952), Man in Chains (1953), The Old World Dies (1954), Caroline Terrace (1955), The Serpent’s Tooth (1956), the Sword and the Cross (1957), and Mr.Guerney and Mr. Slade (1994). Unpublished novels include Apple Trees, Beauty and the Beast, The Man Who Ran Away, The Flame Invisible, Fog, I Who Was Dead, The Man with the Crooked Face, Revenge: A Cavalier’s Romance, and The Tyrant.

Short stories in the collection include “Blackthorn Farm,” “An Amateur in Arcady,” “The Bloom of Youth,” “The Deserted Village,” “Dilemma,” “Father Teapot,” “Ishmael,” “The Lady of Shallot,” “The Man Who Was Bored,” “Miss Bethel Loses Her Temper,” “Missing,” “Oriana of the Bungalow,” “The Rescue,” and “The Sacred Snakes.”

Plays in the collection include Old Pybus, Seven Men Came Back, We Are Seven, Armistice, and Sorrell & Son.

Essays in the collection include “The Cult of the Early Potato,” “Four Pieces,” “Simple Simon,” “The Surrey Scene,” and “The Uncensored Broadcast of an Obscene Citizen.”

Correspondence in the collection is both personal and professional. Included are assorted letters addressing personal property sale, the inspiration for certain works, and the medical condition of a friend. Additional correspondence with Nancy R. Pearn, Deeping’s agent, is also included. 

The collection contains Deeping’s diaries, journals, and notebooks. Materials regarding Deeping’s personal life include a 1907 diary on his garden and poultry and a notebook that documents his service as a World War I medical officer. Also included is a 1917 diary kept by Deeping’s mother. Professional material consists of notepads with varied facts and phrases for planned works, as well as “The Red Book”—a series of notes toward a screenplay.

Miscellaneous items include multiple fragments, notes, and chapters of unidentified works, reviews of Deeping’s novels from The Times Literary Supplement between 1905-1945, and material by other writers, such as Marianne Davidson’s “The Dream and the Reality.”  

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1. Deeping, Warwick, 1877-1950
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