DeKovner-Mayer, Barbara (1935- )

The Barbara DeKovner-Mayer collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed materials, legal and financial materials, photographs, and other materials.

The collection includes manuscripts from the “Female Connection” radio show, as well as various speeches given by DeKovner-Mayer. Also included are six untitled drafts of an unpublished autobiography (2006), assorted poems, and manuscripts of articles such as “May 1992 LA Riots” and “Kicking it Up for Khrushchev.”  

The collection includes correspondence with a wide range of individuals. Personal letters, cards, and emails to friends and family are well-documented between 1954 and 2012. Professional correspondence consists of letters to the editor of the Los Angeles Times and prominent political figures. Of particular note is DeKovner-Mayer’s correspondence with President Ronald Reagan (1980-88). Letters from President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama are included, as well. Other figures of note are Eliezer Shmueli and Richard Hayman.

Personal memorabilia in the collection consists of textiles, dresses, gloves, and fabric swatches. An autograph book, pins, calendars, certificates, and cue cards constitute additional items.  

The collection includes various newspaper clippings, programs, flyers, invitations, and booklets. Much of the printed material relates to the “Female Connection” radio show, including notes, signs, and a pamphlet titled “The Female Connection, Understanding the American Way” (1988-1992). 

Legal materials consist of DeKovner-Mayer’s seller’s permit from the California State Board of Equalization (1981), an expired license, marriage certificates, divorce papers, a passport, and will. Additional legal documents regarding “Female Connection” are also included.

Financial materials in the collection include receipts, financial correspondence, and claims ranging from 1964 to 2006.

The collection includes audio material on both cassettes and compact discs. Recorded cassettes include “Official Music of the Olympiad Los Angeles 1984,” as well as numerous episodes of “Female Connection.” A compact disc contains “Vicky Vicky,” memorial music written by David Nachmanoff to which DeKovner-Mayer put lyrics.

Photographs in the collection consist of prints (color and black and white), slides, negatives, and scans. Included are 35 color prints, 16 black and white and 3 color headshots, 16 production stills, 35 slides from “Can-Can,” and various photos, slides, and negatives of family and friends. Other photographs capture DeKovner-Mayer with Al Hirt, Herman Graebe, Jesse Jackson, and Mark Spitz. A signed photograph of President Ronald and First Lady Nancy Reagan is included, as well.

Artwork in the collection can be found in DeKovner-Mayer’s sketchbook. Additional artwork includes a sketch of her son, a cartoon caricature, and a hand-colored print by DeKovner-Mayer’s mother.

The collection also includes 3 scrapbooks.

Miscellaneous items include a “Female Connection” banner, membership cards, original music composed by Richard Hayman, and a Reagan decoupage wastepaper basket.

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