DeMille, Nelson (1943- )
NOTE: All or part of this collection is stored off-site. Several days' advance notice is required for retrieval.

The Nelson DeMille collection includes manuscripts, printed material, professional material, correspondence, research material, photographs, and other items.

Manuscripts for novels by DeMille in the collection include The Quest (1975); Hitler’s Children (1976); Mayday, written with Thomas H. Block (1979); Word of Honor (1985); The Charm School (1989); The Gold Coast (1990); and Spencerville (1994). Novels in the Paul Brenner series include The General’s Daughter (1992), Up Country (2002), and The Panther (2012). Novels in the Joe Ryker police novel series include The Sniper (1974) and The Hammer of God (1974).  Novels in the Joe Keller series include The Smack Man (1975); The Cannibal (1975); Night of the Phoenix (1975); and Death Squad (1975). Novels in the John Corey series include Plum Island (1997), The Lion’s Game (2000), Night Fall (2004), Wildfire (2006), and The Lion (2010). Novels in the John Stutter series include The Gate House (2008). Also present is the manuscript for Killer Sharks: The Real Story (1976), as well as early, unpublished writings (ca. 1971), some short pieces, and a film treatment titled The Cave (1998). Other manuscripts in the collection include screenplay adaptations of Word of Honor by Tom Pope and Frank Gilleece.

Printed materials include news clippings, brochures, internet printouts, book posters, guidebooks, maps, book cover proofs for DeMille’s novels, and notes regarding plotlines and research.

Professional material includes press kits for Wildfire and The Panther, and itineraries.

Correspondence in the collection consists primarily of professional letters to and from various agents, editors, and publishers, including several to and from DeMille’s agent Nick Ellison. Also present are several invitations, and fan letters, Christmas cards, and greeting cards. The correspondence dates from the mid-1970s through the 1990s.

Research material in the collection consists of various items assembled by DeMille in the course of researching topics for his novels. Titles with significant research material include The General’s Daughter, Plum Island, The Lion’s Game, Up Country, and Wildfire.

Photographs in the collection cover various subjects. Several pertain to the film version of The General’s Daughter, including two taken on the set of the film (one with John Travolta in costume). Other notable photographs include many photographs of DeMille and his family at the Reagan Ranch where DeMille researched The Lion’s Game (1999).

Additional material in the collection includes legal documents and financial material.

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