Deming, Barbara (1917-1984)

The Barbara Deming collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, research materials, and photographs.

The collection includes manuscripts for Deming’s novels and essays, marked extensively with holograph notes and corrections. Novels include Running Away from Myself, We Cannot Live Without Our Lives, Wash Us and Comb Us, Prison Notes, and A Long Way from Home: Some Cinema Nightmares from the 1940s.

 Collected essays include “Henry IV – Shakespeare as produced by Margaret Webster” (1938-39), “Playwright As Playwright” (1946), “A Book of Travail” (1951),  “Her Own Kind” (1952), “An Invitation (originally A Giro)” (1952),  “The World of Hamlet,” “Death and the Old Woman” (1952-53), “The Rattler” (1954), “An Illness” (1955), “Osborne’s War Against the Philistines” (1958), “Three Partial Views and Three Dramas” (1958-59), “Three Worlds of Shakespeare” (1959), “The Devil and Archibald MacLeish” (1959), “Legend and Myth in Dr. Zhivago” (1959), “Mud City” (1960s), “Dialogues in Cuba” (1960),  “Peacemakers” (1960-61), “Why They Walk” (1961), “San Francisco to Moscow: A Success Story” (1961), “Courage for a New Age” (1961-62), “Two Issues or One?” (1962), International Peace Brigade” (1962), “Earle Reynolds: Stranger in This Country” (1963), “Needed: A New Declaration of Independence” (1963), “Revolution and Equilibrium” (1966), “Order and Disorder” (Talk at Cantonville, 1968), “Interfering with the Smooth Functioning of the Warfare State” (1968), “Will Unilateralism Work?” (1969), and “New Men, New Women” (1971).

Correspondence in the collection is primarily professional in content, documenting exchanges with publishers, agents, and magazines. Many of Deming’s letters, including those to Houghton Mifflin Publishing, address potential movie deals. Also included is a letter from Robert Penn Warren.

The collection of printed material consists of books and magazines that contain Deming’s writings. Publications include Films in Review, the Paris Review, Partisan Review, Vogue, City Lights, and others. Additional material is comprised of campaign literature, newspaper and magazine clippings, notes, and newsletters—often corresponding to Deming’s writings.

Research materials include an extensive collection of background research files, trial and prison notes, statements from prisoners, travel notebooks, and news clippings.

Included photographs often relate to Deming’s imprisonments and travels. The collection consists of 30 black and white photos (not included in final Prison Notes), 60 photos and negatives of walkers and arrests, 11 black and white photos with two contact sheets from the San Francisco to Moscow Walk, 15 black and white photos of Resurrection City, and 5 black and white photos of Deming with Fidel Castro.  

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1. Deming, Barbara, 1917-1984
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