De Vries, Peter (1910-1993)
The Peter De Vries collection consists of manuscripts for De Vries’s books (published by Little, Brown except where noted) Through the Fields of Clover (1961); The Blood of the Lamb (1962); Reuben, Reuben (1964); Let Me Count the Ways (1965); Peckham’s Marbles (Putnam’s, 1966); The Vale of Laughter (1967); The Cat’s Pajamas and Witch’s Milk (1968); Mrs. Wallop (1970); Into Your Tent I’ll Creep (1971); Forever Panting (1973); The Glory of the Hummingbird (1974); I Hear America Singing (1976); Madder Music (1977); Consenting Adults, or: The Duchess Will Be Furious (1980); and Sauce for the Goose (1981).  The collection also includes five letters from 1972.
Notable Figures
1. De Vries, Peter, 1910-1993
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