Disney, Doris Miles (1907-1976)

The Doris Miles Disney collection consists of manuscripts and medical materials.

The collection includes manuscripts for Disney’s novels: Shadow of a Man (1965), At Some Forgotten Door (1966), The Magic Grandfather (1966), Night of Clear Choice (1967), Money for the Taking (1968), Two Little Children & How They Grew (1969), Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutilate (1970), There’s A Crowd (1971), The Day Miss Bessie Lewis Disappeared (1972), Do Not Go Into the Woods Today (1974), Only Couples Need Apply (1973), Cry for Help (1975), and Winifred (1976). All novels were published by Doubleday. Chapters of an historical novel on General A.P. Hill are collected, as well.  

Also included is a doctor’s bill for confinement for Disney’s birth (1907). 

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