Drought, James (1931-1983)

The James Drought collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed material, photographs, and other items.

Manuscripts by Drought in the collection include his books The Moths (1956); Poems (1958); The Secret: An Oratorical Novel (1963); Mover: A Modern Tragedy (1963; includes screenplay adaptation); Memories of a Humble Man (1964); The Enemy (1964); The Gypsy Moths (1964); Green, Brown and Red (1964); Drugoth (1965); The Master: A Modern Chronicle (1971); Sonny Davis Televised (1972); The Inquiry of Blessed Bob Bunyon Into America (1974); The Book of Names: A Novel-Verite (1976); The Queen of Spades ; and An American Satire: Random Speed, Sky High, among others. Also present are manuscripts for Drought’s short stories and magazine articles, as well as several manuscripts written by his son, James Henry Drought.

Correspondence in the collection primarily consists of professional letters received by Drought between 1953 and 1982. Many letters are from publishing companies, lawyers, and literary figures. Personal letters are also present in the collection, including letters from Blair H. Allen, James Aubrey, William F. Buckley, Jr., Anthony Burgess, Noam Chomsky, Maxwell Geismar, Allen Ginsberg (a note written on the back of a photograph of Jack Kerouac), Barry Goldwater, Robert Gotlieb, Townsend Hoopes, Hubert Humphrey, Pierre Salinger, Paul Simon, and Lowell Weicker.

Printed material includes a number of publications featuring Drought’s work or reviews of his writing. These items are primarily magazines published in the 1960s; titles include Siwasher, Climax, Saga, December, Short Story International, Saturday Review, and Cavalier. Also included are articles from The Boston Globe, Saturday Review, New York Times Magazine, and other newspaper and magazine literary sections. In addition, the collection includes a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine clippings (1963-1972) regarding Drought’s articles, reviews of and advertisements for his work, book jackets, and other printed items.

Photographs in the collection includes images of Drought, his family, his house, and friends and acquaintances. There are also still photos from the movie version of The Gypsy Moths, and colored slides from the wedding of his son (1971).

Professional material in the collection includes Skylight Press bookstore lists (1978); press releases; and two professional journals (1977-1978), among other items.

Other items include four scrapbooks regarding Drought’s family (with photos); legal material; financial material; memorabilia; artwork of Drought’s granddaughter; and a few audio recordings.

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