Duncan, Robert L. (1927-1999) and Wanda S. (1925- )

The Robert L. and Wanda S. Duncan collection consists of manuscripts, research material, correspondence, photographs, printed material, financial material, audio, and awards.

Manuscripts for novels by Duncan include drafts of Buffalo Country (1959); If It Moves Salute It (1961); The General and the Co-Ed (1963); The Q Document (1964); The Burning Sky (1966); The February Plan (1967); Temple Dogs (1977); Into the Enemy Camp (1985); The Voice of Strangers; The Blood Red Line; King's Ransom; The Serpent's Mark (1989); Bloody Little Paradise (1988); This Is My Life; The Deep Current; and The Heart of America.  Teleplays include scripts for The Time Tunnel (1966); Lost in Space (1966-1967); Two Faces West (1960); Iron Horse (1967); Land of the Giants (1968-1969), including plot summaries, episode guides, syndicated histories, and reviews; The Immortal (1970); Frederick (1959); Dr. Kildare, C.D. (1962); Chinese Finale (1959); "Windfall" (formerly "Reunion"), U.S. Steel Hour (1957); "The Gardenia Bush," NBC Matinee Theater; "A House with Golden Streets," NBC Matinee Theater; and "To Die Alone," U.S. Steel Hour (1957).  Also present are notes, a bibliography, a book proposal, and preliminary drafts of a couple of chapters from Twilight of Honor.  Manuscripts by others include Detektiver Pa Frimarken by Finnish author Iwan Hedman; and Under the Sun by Angus Ross (1980).

Research material in the collection concerns World War II and the role of Japan as a military superpower; Japanese life; General Douglas MacArthur and Japan; postcards from Japan; and photo albums of Japan shortly after World War II. There is a considerable amount of research material from the period and after, related to the Philippines; the Marcos dynasty; the Yamashita war crime trial; and the trials of other Japanese war criminals.  There are also books by Studs Terkel, William Manchester, and Paul Fussell dealing with aspects of the war in the Philippines. Visual research material includes several rolls of microfilm labelled Manila 1945.

Correspondence includes both personal and professional letters.  Personal correspondence includes letters from family and friends (1945-1997).  Professional correspondence includes Duncan's letters to various other authors (1992-1993); and to and from various publishers in England and Australia concerning books by him (1978-1997).  Notable correspondence includes authors Angus Ross (1990-1997) and Iwan Hedman (1978).  In addition, there is a bound notebook with notes and drafts of professional letters from Duncan to various people (1978-1998) and a notice of tentative writing credits for a Time Tunnel episode and a Lost in Space episode (1967).

Photographs in the collection include two photo albums of Japan shortly after World War II. There are also a number of prints of various people (1946-1979), in both black and white and color; and there are a number of prints of Angus Ross, both in black and white and color.

Printed material in the collection includes promotional material for China Dawn (1988) and The Queen's Messenger (1982); and a two-page promotional piece for The Sailor of the Plains (E.P. Dutton and Co., 1969).

Financial material in the collection includes literary contracts (1975-1987) and invoices for tax purposes (1991).

Audio recordings in the collection includes the record The Ballad of Oklahoma, featuring Robert and Wanda Duncan (1957).  There are also several mini-cassettes.

Awards in the collection include the University of Oklahoma Professional Writing Award (1976); the Oklahoma Professional Writers Hall of Fame presented to Duncan (1991); and the Second Annual Oklahoma Writers Hall of Fame (1992).  There are also proclamations from the State of Oklahoma Executive Department declaring March 4, 1988 as Robert Duncan Day (1988); and the City of Oklahoma City Office of the Mayor declaring March 4, 1988 as Robert Duncan Day (1988). Also in the collection is the Oklahoma Book Award, presented to Duncan's publishers for The Serpent's Mark (1992). 

Notable Figures
1. Duncan, Wanda
2. Duncan, W.R.
3. Duncan, Robert L. (Robert Lipscomb), 1927-1999
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