Eckert, Allan W. (1931-2011)
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The Allan Eckert collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, printed materials, and other items.

Published works include The Silent Sky: The Incredible Extinction of the Passenger Pigeon (Little, Brown, 1965), A Time of Terror: The Great Dayton Flood (Little, Brown, 1965), The Frontiersmen (Little, Brown 1967), Wild Season (Little, Brown, 1967), The Crossbreed (Little, Brown, 1968), Bayou Backwaters (Doubleday, 1968), The Dreaming Tree (Little, Brown, 1968), The King Snake (Little, Brown, 1968), Wilderness Empire (Little, Brown, 1969), Blue Jacket: War Chief of the Shawnees (Little, Brown, 1969), In Search of a Whale (Doubleday, 1970), The Conquerors (Little, Brown, 1971), Incident at Hawks Hill (Little, Brown, 1971), The Court Martial of Daniel Boone (Little, Brown, 1973), Tecumseh! (Little, Brown, 1974), and The Owls of North America (Doubleday, 1975). The collection also includes shorter fictional and non-fictional works.

Correspondence includes personal and professional items written between 1949 and 1970.

Printed materials include clippings, advertisements, book jackets, booklets, and other items.

The collection also includes artwork, financial materials, professional materials, memorabilia, and other items.
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1. Eckert, Allan W.
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