Elkin, Benjamin (1911-1995)
The Benjamin Elkin collection consists of manuscripts and other items.

Published works include Loudest Noise in the World (Viking, 1954), Gillespie and the Guards (Viking, 1956), Six Foolish Fishermen (Childrens, 1957), Big Jump and Other Stories (Random House, 1958), True Book of Schools (Childrens, 1958), King’s Wish and Other Stories (Random House, 1960), True Book of Money (Childrens, 1960), Lucky and the Giant (Childrens, 1962), Al and the Magic Lamp (Harper, 1963), and Why the Sun Was Late (Parents, 1966).

The collection also includes a notebook and correspondence related to the publication of the manuscripts listed above.
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1. Elkin, Benjamin
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