Elmer, Cathleen Burns (1918-2013)
The Cathleen Burns Elmer collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed material, and photographs.

Manuscripts in the collection consist of short stories, novels, and scripts. Short stories include "Shaping Up is the Best Revenge," "Gentleman Songster," "Strictly Scientific," "The Phoenix," "Here We Go Again," "The Bridge at Eastman Brook," "O Princely Heart," "The Far Side of Relevance," and others.  Drafts of novels include Bicentennial Bliss and In Search of the Hero.  The collection also includes a script for "The Senior Parlor," one untitled script, and a graduate thesis titled "The Man of the Renaissance Interpreted Through the Life and Plays of Christopher Marlowe."

Correspondence in the collection consists of assorted letters (1948-1995), some of which include printed materials and notes.

Personal memorabilia in the collection includes Elmer’s financial resume, curriculum vitae, and publicity for her 1974 Smith College reunion.

The collection’s printed materials include articles and various magazines, such as Ingenue, Time, American Mercury, and the Massachusetts Physician. Article-related correspondence between Elmer and editors are also present.

The collection includes an oversized portrait of Elmer as well.
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1. Elmer, Cathleen Burns
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