Emerson, Gloria (1929-2004)
The Gloria Emerson collection includes professional material, personal memorabilia, photographs, correspondence, and other material.

Professional material in the collection includes over two hundred subject files pertaining to Winners and Losers (1977). Subject files contain manuscripts, holograph notes, correspondence, interview transcripts, printed material, photographs, press material, legal material, and government documents. This material engages extensively with the Vietnam War and includes documents on the Lawyers Military Defense Committee, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and the My Lai Massacre. Files on Vietnam soldiers, such as John Kerry, Gussie Davis, Bert Ransom, and Mitchell O. Sadler, are also present, alongside materials pertaining to experts and officials, including Seymour Hersh and Henry Kissinger.

Emerson’s personal memorabilia includes a Purple Heart Medal sent to Emerson by a Vietnam veteran, along with a signed autograph note citing Guy Chapman's A Passionate Prodigality. Also collected are two awards: the Hunter College of City University of New York James Aronson Award for Journalism (1992) and the Long Island University Journalism Department, George Polk Memorial Award for Foreign Reporting (1970).

The collection includes black and white photographs documenting Emerson’s stint as a New York Times correspondent in Vietnam, as well as a photo of Emerson with her children. Black and white prints from Emerson’s 1956 European tour and copies of scrapbook pages (print and digital) constitute additional photographic material.

Correspondence in the collection includes numerous letters regarding the Shoeshine Boys Project and its founder, Richard Hughes.

Other items include a print of an inscribed Thomas Engelhart political cartoon and "The Gloaters," an advance press release article.
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