Fax, Elton C. (1909-1993)
The Elton Fax collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, personal memorabilia, printed material, professional material, photographs, artwork, and other materials.

Manuscripts in the collection include both full-length book s and shorter works. Books -- all published by Dodd, Mead, and Company unless noted -- include West African Vignettes (American Society of African Culture, 1960), Contemporary Black Leaders (1970), Seventeen Black Artists (1971), Garvey: The Story of a Pioneer Black Nationalist (1972), Through Black Eyes (1974), Black Artists of the New Generation (1977), and Hashar (Progress Publishers, 1980), as well as an unpublished work titled Another Kind of Safari. Relevant research notes, correspondence, and photographs are collected alongside manuscripts. Manuscripts of articles, forewords, book reviews, and artist appraisals are also present.

Collected correspondence consists of personal and professional exchanges. Fax maintained correspondence family and fellow writers and artists, including Owen Dodson, Tom Feelings, John Biggers, Alice Childress, and others.  Letters regarding Fax's books and articles are also present, including materials for Black Artists of the New Generation, Dictionary of American Negro Biography, Seventeen Black Artists, and "A Lesson for American Black Citizens in a Soviet Example." Additional professional correspondence consists of letters to editors and letters regarding lecture fees and royalties. Letters addressing manuscript submissions and prisoner correspondence are collected, as well.

Personal memorabilia includes two pencil drawings (annotated by Fax), caricatures, diplomas, and assorted programs and souvenirs from Frederick Douglass High School reunions. Also present are an award from Soviet Woman and a NACAL gold medal.  

The collection includes various articles and drawings from Freedomways, Inostrannaya Literatura, New World Review, Soviet Woman, and others. Additional print materials include book reviews and lecture and exhibition programs (1970-1980).

Professional material in the collection consists of subject files for various conferences, appearances, and exhibitions. Fax kept files regarding the American Society of African Culture, the Bellagio Study and Conference Center, the 5th Conference of Afro-Asian Writers, the Navy Art Cooperation and Liaison Program Award,  Mark Fax (his brother), and more. Files contain manuscripts, correspondence, print materials, photographs, and artwork.

The collection includes professional and personal photographs. Photographs documenting Fax’s appearances at Fort Lauderdale and Baltimore libraries are included alongside numerous photographs of friends. Notables include Eubie Blake, Cab Calloway, John W. Cooper, Eva Jessye, and Philippa Schuyler. Other photographs capture residents of Leake and Watts Children’s Home in Yonkers, NY.

Artwork in the collection consists of a wide range of subjects in various media. Items include notebooks (of pen and pencil figure and character studies), pen and ink caricatures of celebrities and politicians, water colors of Latin America and New York City, personality studies of Malcom X and Fidel Castro, and studies of African people and scenes. Also present are works by other artists, such as caricatures of Fax and prints, drawings, and watercolors from fellow artists. Of particular note are oil paintings, lithographs, and woodcuts by Virginia (Fax's daughter).

Miscellaneous materials include two art posters inscribed to Fax by Van-De, a film script, scrapbooks, and files documenting Fax’s trips abroad. Various items regarding Grace E. Fax (Fax's first wife) and a 1929 wedding album are also collected.
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