Fisher, Welthy H. (1879-1980) and Frederick Bohn Fisher (1882-1938)
The collection of Welthy Hinsinger Fisher and Frederick Bohn Fisher and includes manuscripts, audio/visual material, artwork, awards, memorabilia, photographs, and printed material.

Manuscripts by Welthy Fisher in the collection include drafts of plot outlines, chapter synopses, and character sketches for an intended novel, Beyond the Moon Gate, which was originally a fictionalized autobiography (while the project was abandoned, in 1924 Aldine Press did publish a diary of Fisher's under the same title); other autobiographical manuscript fragments covering her years with Bishop Fisher, her later years, and Literacy House; a draft of To Light a Candle, the autobiography of Welthy Fisher (1962); a draft of the unpublished autobiography Born Welthy; drafts of her introduction and epilogue for her husband's book on Gandhi, That Strange Little Brown Man, Gandhi (1926); a draft of a pageant, The Founder and the Founded: A Panoramic Presentation of the Growth of Literacy House Through Folksongs and Dance; numerous drafts of her unpublished poems; material related to Fisher's World Education Foundation, and its incorporation into World Literacy, Inc. (1951-1972); reports from World Literacy of Canada, with recommendations, short project descriptions, and memoranda; drafts articles by Fisher including "Gandhi on His Day of Silence" (1925), "Memories of Mahatma," published in The Sunday Standard (1954), a review of Mahatma Gandhi, His Own Story (1960); and "Gandhi – Man of God"; drafts of speeches delivered by Welthy Fisher, including an address delivered in Rome (1962), her response on receiving The Magsaysay Award (1964), her address to the All India House Science Association Conference (1968), "The Uses of Functional Literacy" (1970), her acceptance speech on receiving the Humanitarian Award from Variety Clubs International (1971), "Gandhi's Legacy," a commencement address, and an address delivered to the West Virginia Education Association, a number of drafts of memos, provisional budgets, various statements on missions, and newsletters related to Literacy House (1952-1967); drafts of Fisher's reports on Literacy Village (1956 and 1959) and Literacy House (1970-1971) to the Trustees of World Education, Inc., material on preliminary preparations for the thirteenth anniversary celebrations for Literacy House (1966), preparations for a television plan for World Education, Inc. and Literacy House (1967), numerous drafts of various articles for Literacy House Publications; documentation of literacy work done outside of India; and numerous drafts of articles by Fisher on China, Mexico, Peru, Japan, fatherhood, international etiquette, and meeting Albert Einstein.

Manuscripts by others in the collection include a poem written in honor of Welthy Fisher's 90th birthday (1969); a theatrical adaptation of To Light a Candle; excerpts from letters from the NBC television program, Ralph Edwards' This Is Your Life episode with Welthy Fisher; Preaching the Gospel: The Beginnings of World Education, Inc. 1950-1957 by David Eddy; A Fighter at Ninety by Phyllis Bernstein (1969); and Welthy Honsinger Fisher by Laurie Laponni.

Notebooks, journals, and diaries in the collection include a number of dated notebooks (1972-1973) as well as a set of undated notebooks with Fisher's notes on China, India, and South America; a set of journals and diaries (1944-1972); and a set of daily planners (1973, 1975-1979).

Audio, film, and video material in the collection include contain a number of cassette tapes: "Greetings to Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Swenson from the Staff of Literacy House" (1973); "Life Membership Presentation to Welthy Honsinger Fisher" (1975); "Welthy Fisher Centennial" (1979); "Welthy Fisher Centennial (Highlights)"; "Bhagwam Sahay's Eulogy for Welthy Fisher for All India Radio" (1980); a reel-to-reel tape of a speech delivered by Welthy Fisher (1980); a cassette tape of To Light a Candle narrated by Marion Connor; "Men Behind the News – Welthy Fisher"; "Ottawa, Canada" (1966); "The Story of Mother Ganga by Welthy Fisher" (1966); and "Are We All Children of God? By Welthy Fisher at the Rama-Krishna-Vivekandra Center" (1966). There is also a set of untitled, unidentified cassette tapes (1972-1974). Video material includes VHS tapes of To Light a Candle; Welthy Fisher; and a Lucknow TV documentary (1980). There is a 16mm film reel identified as "Mrs. Fisher" (1971).

Art work in the collection includes a watercolor portrait of Welthy Fisher, a gift for her 95th birthday celebration, by K.G. Singh (1974); and several pen and ink sketches of Mahatma Gandhi.

Awards and honors in the collection include the Nehru Literacy Award presented to Welthy Fisher in 1974; the G.J. Watumull Memorial Award for Fisher (1961); the Ramon Magsaysay Award for International Understanding (1964); an honorary membership certificate in the Delta Kappa Gamma Society; a tribute from the Bombay Social Education Society; a citation from the Boston Author's Club; an appointment as Honorary Lecturer by the American Institute of Foreign Trade; an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from Florida Southern College for Fisher; an Honorary Doctorate of Literature from Syracuse University; awards from the National Supreme Council AASRM and National Grand Chapter of OES (1968); Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Humanities – Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity (1973); the Pioneer Award – Adult Education Association U.S.A. (1974); the Honor Award – India League of America (1975); the First life Membership Award – World Literacy Canada (1975); U.S. Nominee for the UNESCO Award (1978); and the Association of Indians in America (1980).

Memorabilia in the collection includes a program from the Humanitarian Award Banquet (1971); "Good Friday to Easter Day: Frederick B. Fisher 1882-1938" by Welthy Fisher; a key to the city of Newton, Massachusetts; a plaster prototype for the Welthy Honsinger Fisher Centennial Medal (1979); a silhouette of Welthy Honsinger Fisher; and a printed drawing of Gandhi.

Photographs in the collection include early photographs of Welthy Fisher's mother, father, maternal grandmother, and Welthy as a young woman; photographs of Literacy House, the campus, and surrounding village; Gandhi's hut; the Fishers' house in Burma; Gandhi and Tagore in Welthy Fisher's house in Lucknow; Welthy Fisher in front of the House of Prayer for All People (1965, 1969-1970); Welthy Fisher at her desk at Literacy House (1965), Nehru Literacy Award photographs of Welthy Fisher with Indian table play and composer Zakir Hussain (1970); photographs concerning the National Seminar on Adult Education and Social Change and festivities held at Literacy House (1979); photographs of Welthy Fisher's trip to Literacy Hose prior to her death (1980); photographs of Welthy Fisher with various dignitaries, acquaintances, family and friends (1968-1970); numerous portrait photographs of Welthy Fisher, as well as informal snapshots; numerous photographs taken of the Baldwin School for Girls in Nanchung, China; as well as photographs of the surrounding towns and countryside; photographs taken during Fisher's time in South America; photographs taken at special events include the Ramon Magsaysay Ward for International Understanding (1964); the Arendts Medal; the Syracuse University Honorary Degree Ceremony; Welthy Fisher with Indian Prime Minister Nehru; Welthy Fisher with American Ambassador to India and Nepal, Chester Bowles; Welthy Fisher with American Ambassador to India, John Kenneth Galbraith; and photographs of Welthy Fisher's 99th and 100th birthday celebrations (1979-1980); multiple prints of Welthy Fisher with Prime Minister Jewaharal Nehru; and photographs of Welthy Fisher with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.  Photo albums and photo scrapbooks in the collection include: The Inaugural Function of the Writer’s Workshop (1968); The Inauguration of the Badagon Literacy Project by Welthy Honsinger Fisher (1968); Welthy Fisher’s Farewell to India, January-February 1973, which includes photographs of Welthy Fisher with President V.V. Giri; Prime Minister Indira Gandhi; and Vice-President G.S. Pathak; and a photo scrapbook of the Baldwin School for Girls, Nanchung, China.

Printed material in the Welthy Fisher collection includes clippings of articles about Fisher (1950-1984); tearsheets of miscellaneous articles by Welthy Fisher (1913-1965); tearsheets for "Under the Southern Cross" by Welthy Fisher (1927), printed in The Classmate: a Paper for Young People; tearsheets for "The Aunt Dorinda Letters" also by Welthy Fisher (1929), printed in The Classmate: A Paper for Young People; "From Confucious to Christ" (1921); "Missions True and False" (1929); "China Has Changed Her Mind" (1941); and "Some Memories of Tagore" (1961).  General clippings on Gandhi include: a tearsheet from Zion's Herald, "Gandhi's Death Affects India's Religious Views" (1948); a piece from Lincoln Lore, February 23, 1948, "Gandhi and Lincoln"; and a copy of an article entitled, "Gandhiji – The Smiling One: A Study of Gandhian Humor," by S. Durai Raja Singham.  Printed material by or about Welthy Fisher include "Gandhi As I Knew Him" by Welthy Fisher, appearing in Unity Magazine May-June Issue on Gandhi, Volume 126, number 11 (1948); Rome, New York, Historical Society Newsletter 1999: "Welthy Honsinger Fisher Honored by State Historical Marker"; and "The Legacy of New York Women: 1848-1998," with an entry for Welthy Fisher; newsletters from World Literacy (Fall/Winter 1997–Fall/Winter 1998) and World Education newsletter (January 1998, Volume 1, Number 1). There are  reports relative to Literacy House and Literacy Village (1952-1967) by Fisher; reports of the representatives in India to the Trustees of World Education, Inc. (1958); a report from Welthy Fisher as Resident Representative at Literacy House (1970-1971); a report by Fisher to the Trustees of World Education, Inc. (1957-1958); and Fisher's written preparations of a television plan for both World Education, Inc. and Literacy House (1967). Printed material on China includes the Annual Report of the Nanchung Women and Children’s Hospital (1929); an Outline of the New Left Movement by General Chiang Kai-Shek; and "A Message From the New China" by Madame Sun Yat-Sen. Printed bulletins and broadsides on India include items issued by missionaries, women's conferences (1930), and women's associations (1947). There is also a pamphlet published by the India League of America, "India Today" (1948-1950). There is a printed pamphlet on The Rabindra-Bharana-Research Academy and Memorial Museum, honoring Rabindrinath Tagore (1957); Annual Reports from World Education, Inc. (1988,  1996); publicity material on World Education, Inc. and Literacy Village consisting of pamphlets; brochures; off-prints; and newsletters; publicity material on Welthy Honsinger Fisher (brief press-ready bios, news releases and travel schedules); and newsletters by Welthy Fisher.
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